Character Visualization Exercise no 32 : Destiny Decodes

Photo Source : www.
Photo Source : www.

Nick Bhatia , please stop making such statement that you‘ Like me’  or ‘I  love you jaan’these things will fade away from your mind when a new babe enters your life .

Samira jaanemaan “Are you hinting towards my flirtatious behaviour  or something else  ”.

Nah ! it′s just the fear of losing you all over again  that is forcing me to say such things to you , as you are sensible , honest , loyal , rich , fashionable and humourous lover or fiancée, she says sitting on his lap .

Suddenly Nick takes her right hand which is slightly affected spasticity into his  mouth and sucks it with ferociously .Then slowly he unzips her shift dress and pulls her close towards his chest , he then starts playing  on  her exposed rib cage by making round circles with his fingers.Sameera giggles at him  and caresses his forehead with the   tip of her  fingers .

So Mr. Nick B will  or won′t  you…Sameera Joshi asks him teasingly  .What do you want now ? he inquires biting her neck .

“My love  mark ” Samira says this by letting out a moan .Sameera seeing his clothed body  frowns at him and starts unbuttoning his  shirt by muttering “Not  done Mister !”and then  with passion she bites his  earlobes , neck , nipples and  stomach.

Nick moans a lots,slowly rolls upon her  and says “Our destiny′s are decoded by our families  Ms Joshi, so can we stop here now   ”.

A hurt Samira Joshi leaves his paradise forever by zipping her dress up .

Hmm…Nick leaves a huge sigh feeling  his heart ache   for his love Samira .

1o years later Nick ′s neice Savvy reading his personal diary asks him ,  who is this Samira Joshi NU  ?

‘My Queen ’ he replies by giving  a small peak on her cheeks and leaves to attend the doorbell.

But when he opens the door he sees Samira standing on the other side of the door with an impatient look on her face , what have you not see a pretty woman like me ? she inquires making a face as she pushes Nick aside and  enter his living room  to see her best friend Savvy  reading  a book .

Savvy looks at her NU′s face and starts giggling  at him with her hand on her stomach  . Finally when  her giggling stops she  looking at them says  “what a royal welcome does my sweet aunty Queen Samira gets from my NICK Uncle who is King of our hearts  here ”

Nick and Samira look and start laughing  at each other by lifting  their god gifted princess i.e their niece Savvy.

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.


And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.



Character Visualization Exercise no 32 : Destiny Decodes
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