Character Visualization Exercise no 33 : Love Proves

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VJ…….I  mean Ms Veena Joshi are you ok , Dr. Varun Kulkarni Dingra enquires feeling a bit estatic .

Yeah I  am fine  Veena Joshi says unfloding her folded sleeves as she leaves the lab after giving her blood with a powerful gait .

“Darn…Dr.VKD , VJ  will never talk  to you  normally after the deadily incidently of her father and his mentor Dr. Subhodh Joshi leaving them for his mother and  a famous model Mrs. Shella Dingra  crushed  her heart  into several pieces …  and  Dr. Savitri Joshi -the wise jack for whom image was and  is very  important  did not hesitate to give him Dirty D  by making him legally eligible  to marry his mother ie. Mrs .Sheela Dingra  . This incident  has created a  strong distaste in VJ ′s heart  towards her  mother attitude ”. Dr. Varun Kulkarni Dingra mutters to himself.

In order to escape her  distateful  family , she applies for a job as interior desinger     in U.K. , U.S.A and Germany desipte she  being a doctor .

Good Evening ! , My report please .. , Veena enquires sternly .

Madam whats your name ? the receptionist questions her smilingly .

‘Veena Joshi ’ she responds with the same smile .

The receptionist blows a low whistle and whispers something in her collegues ears .

“Madam please have a seat  your report should be ready within a minutes time ” the receptionist  says with a request in her statement .

“Yeah sure ”Veena nodes  and gets herself seated in one of avaiable places near to the  lab cum clinic door   and picks up a Femina  India magazine to read it from the side table of her seat  .As she flips the pages of the Femina India Magazine , she sees the image of Dr. Subhodh Joshi holding Mrs . Shella Dingra in a close way .

After Veena sees this she stares at two other paitents who are waiting to collect their blood reports  with a small smile , Dr.Varun Kulkarni Dingra  entering  his clinic via the lab door nodes at them and then slowly marches towards his cabin which is on the other side of his lab .

Putting his doctors coat and spectacles on  he releases his tension by making a strange noise  and by  flexing his muscles .Later on he  presses his calling bell with vigour .With no response coming from his receptionist he comes out and nodes at  his patient A and gives a small smiles to her by shifting his glass in between the bridges of his nose .Veena Joshi with tears building in  eyes  gives a curt nod  .

Seeing the tears forming in her eyes , he feels his gut forming terrible tiny knots . Switching his smart phone off Dr.VKD  starts checking  his current patient A slowly  and then his paitent B by prescribing some medicines to them according to their reports .

By the time Veena′s turn crops up she lays  unconscious on her seat  .Suddenly  both his patient A and B  scream  his name .Hearing his name Dr.Varun Kulkarni Dingra comes out of his cabin to see VJ  lying unconscious, his entire body becomes numb in pain and he immediately summons his patients  Aand B  to bring Veena to his OPD   room where  her deadly reports stare  at him .Dr Varun Kulkarni Dingra and  his team of doctor perform an open heart surgery to room the blocks from her heart .Sitching her heart with soluble threads he successfully fixes her heart back .

Feeling very drenched and tired he requests his patients A and B  to look after her as he asks other doctors to take her to ICU ward no 1  .

“Oh not a problem doc  ” Paitents A and B  nod enthusiastically .

Dr .VKD  I  love you , Veena Joshi herself being a doctor says with a small faint smile and this makes him  to turn  himself with joy filling his eyes  as the burden of their  past gets  eroded when she touches his heart .

Kissing her lips Dr.Varun Kulkarni Dingra promises VJ  a good and happy life with her adopted daughter Soniya

Ummm Uncle Dad ….Sorry Dad , Soniya comes shouting inside the ICU  ward no 1 where her mother and father are gazing at each other with the volcano of  dark desire slowly exposing them to the wanton emotions .

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool batch given below after writing your story.

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