Character Visualization Exercise no 34 : Love Reassures

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Nikhil Seth   (NS) please stay here for Nina birthday naa Sana requested  .

Sweetie , I will finish this business deal and will join you both by 7pm , he says with a pain in his heart .

′I ❤ you ′ he says hugging Sana  from behind.Shsh Nina ka Pa how am I going to manage this chaos.

Hmm..<3 you , Sana says by turning herself to face him.

Joker !Nina  exclaims suddenly  as she sees him make some kind of sad  face  .

With a watery eyes Nina exclaims “Dad Come Soon !”.

Nikhil turns himself and walks  in Nina′s direction, lifting his daughter up he says “Mr  Ninja will come to celebrate your birthday tonight ”

“Oh no then I will have to do the needful preparation before he comes ”Nina enthuistically tells looking towards her mother Mrs.Sana Seth with her small open arms .

Giving a peck on Nikhil cheeks  .Meera grabs Nina off his arms and walks away to the kitchen by sending him to   seal a  business deal with Mr. Ahuja .

Two hours later Mr. Ninja umm other side of Mr. Nikhil Seth comes in  with a small cake , three pieces of dokhla , somosas and ice cream in his hand  .

Seeing Mr. Ninja  Nina′s eyes shine in delight , taking all the items from his hand she hugs him with reverence .

Mr. Ninja “My dad always comes late and will do the same thing off cozying me by telling me next time……., you are very nice Ninja uncle ”Nina says and leaves to keep the items  .

Nikhil feels sad and ashamed of his actions and walks towards the place where Sana is decorating by putting read and pink balloons ,looking at him Sana herself around him .

Feeling his strained fingers on her bare back Sana feels wonderful as well as worried and asks him “What did Nina want this birthday ”

“Her father ”Nikhil making a face and helping Sana by blowing the remaining red and pink balloons says with lot of emotion .

‘Dad’who has come see naa..

Smirking the piece of cake on his face Nina joyful sits on his lap and cuts the rest of cake by singing the birthday song for herself ..

Love reassures the theory of reversibility, Nikhil thinks as Sana and Nina put their arms around him.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 34 : Love Reassures
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