Meera Weds Vasu Part 32

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Hmmm.. err..what is happening around us he mutters while flipping the pages of  his company′s annual report  ,seeing him  Aryaveer , Avi and Deena  do the same action over and over  .Suddenly hearing the increase in flipping sound Vasu lifts his head slowly and smiles at them .

Oh my three minions are creating music so early in morning  for whom ,may I  know please ? Vasu inquires as he gets up from his sofa  to lift his three little minions up who sitting on table and in straight line  .

To get your attention Mr. V ! Meera says as she keeps a bottle  full of  aachar on the table .

They smile at her .So….Mrs.Sarabhai has placed an aachar  order from my dear darling wife Meera , Vasu asks her teasingly  and adds on  Oh God please save Mrs. Sarabhai tongue !.

Very funny ! Meera exclaims to his teasing statement  .

Before she goes towards the kitchen Meera gives a mocking stare at her three minions who still make her feel good and happy  about her full life despite her anger  .

Slowly Vasu and his three minions  come towards her and kiss her face with Mr .V kissing her lips.

“So did any one of you telephone Mrs .Sarabhai ”Meera asks them a small smile .

Vathalas Mala ! Meera sighs deeply .

Moving towards the cordless lying on the sofa ,Meera dials Mrs .Sarabhai ′s number .

To her  utter shock Mrs .Sarabhai in her excitement says “Hey Vasu darling, how do you do today  ”

“Mrs .Sarabhai its Me ….e…………..r……a  here  ”Meera laughingly says   .

Oh hi ….yes …is my aachar ready ?Mrs. Sarabhai questions Meera with sweat beats forming on her palms  and bangs her phone down with a thud .

Meera feels her  laughter  bubble up , she mimics Mrs. Sarabhai ′s say   and seeing her laugh like this Vasu and his three minions join her laughter holding their tummies…until their energies gets evaporated .

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