Character Visualization Exercise no 36 : Secured Love Story

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“Every day is a father‘s day my dear darling puppies ” Dr. Tejas opens his speech with this say as he address a group of medical interns in his office   .

Dr. Tejas who was  a top-notch  neuro surgeon  feels happy about his father Vasu′s support in his crucial aggressive years when he used to work for Dr. Dolakiya Desai .

Doctor Don   Dr.Tejas used to address him ,until one fatal accident tore him apart and his doctor license was taken from him as he could not bring DD back .

This snatching away of his license by his daughter Sia in a way  proved to good as after  that he perused his passion for medicines and this   inspired  him  to do research on  neuro system and brain which  he wished  to do since a  very long time .

Clearing his throat ,staring at ceiling and then his family with psychologist cum writer Kiara winking at him  sitting in his cabin  .

He continues so …

What I  was says err… haan “Every day is a father′s day young man” becuse without them the ecological balance around us would collapse .

Puppy no 1 to Puppy no 3 : What the hell ,yaar…this man is telling .I thought he is come here for discussing some neuro related case study  .

Puppy no 2 to Puppy 4 : He saying , just for sake of maintaining his IMAGE .

Hmm..Dr. Tejas I   think your session with us is over …“So shall we leave  sir…” his 4 little cuties interns requested him .

“OK  cuties you can…but before you leave please say okay  to whatever statement I  make ”Dr. Tejas Vasu  make his contempt clear with wicked smile playing on his lips .

Darnnnnnn ,“OKAY SIR…”they chorused screeching at him .

Ha my cuties …Uff

‘Bhai ..I  am not your cuties  anymore ,it seems  ’ Kaira says with mock .

No ! Dr. Tejas exclaimed and starts tickling her rib cage teasingly .

Hmmm so doctor everything fine …, Vasu holding Meera by her shoulders inquires .

“Yeah Vasu Dad …..I mean Dad”Dr.Tejas stammers as tears   of joy sipped through  his eyes .

Seeing a father and son′s warm relationship Sia who comes in with the required documents to be signed by Dr. Tejas  breaks down  with uncontrollable tears  flowing down her eyes  and she suddenly decides to give his license back by lifting off the ban which she put on him without letting Dr.Tejas know about this .

Kiara and Meera who sees this sight feels annoyed and then they lift her up by saying “Sia stop it ! we do not want anything from you now ,  as we have every  thing expect…a person like you who will be  prefect for Dr.Tejas ”

Sorry No Interpretation Please ! They chorused together .

Sia feels ashamed of her behaviour towards this family and runs away to hide herself from this lovely family by faking a warm smile in their direction  .

Two Years later ,

Puppy 1 and Puppy 3 write a letter to Dr. Tejas by thanking him for the experience which he has given them in order to become successful and aggressively like him when medicines  are concerned  .

Then…Puppy no 2  and Puppy no 4  also write a letter to him by thanking him for making such a wonderful statement   “Every day is fathers day”in order to make us ie daddy′s angels understand what does secured love story mean .

After reading these letters from his cuties , Dr. Tejas looks at his family with joy as “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” he thinks and hugs them tightly .


To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.


And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.


Character Visualization Exercise no 35 :   Secured Love Story
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