Meera’s Sinful Looks



“Uff ……V look at this mess, what our  maharatis  have done after their friends left our apartment ” Meera exclaims aloud .

Looking at the un denial mess around him  . Vasu pulls his shirt off , hanging it on the cloth stand  he starts picking the left over pizzas pieces from the floor , half drunk water glasses  and wine  bottles Vasu from the teapoy and arranges it properly on the  dinning table .

Meera seeing this …she immediately pushes Vasu on the sushi sofa and just stares at him without passing any comment  .

‘Meera…’Vasu softly calls out her name   .And pulling  himself up Vasu  towering Meera   says,  “Lets clean the mess then…we probably have energy for our kind of  enjoyment   ”.

“Yeah Yeah!,  enjoyment  are serious about it ? ”Meera mocks at him and works in tornado form by pushing him aside .

Vasu simply watches her and smiles to himself .The woman whom he had married for 15 years  has created and is creating the same kind of havoc in his heart  now.

Because off : 

Her Mocking Warm Smiles and Expressions  ! .

Her Stubbornness  ! .

Her Sinful Looks ! .


Clearing his throat , Meera …Vasu calls her from their bedroom  by lying on his comfortable bed with his reading glasses  on . Meera responds to  his call by entering their massive  colourful bedroom and glancing at his sweat soaken body , she gives him her sinful looks by making him feel wanted .

Suddenly ..Vasu snaking his glances over her wetty jetty  globes pulls her close and holds  Meera tightly by closing his lips with hers .

With Lots of Love ,

Author N 



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