Character Visualization Exercise no 37 : Love Blends

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What′s your love blend  Tarun thunders  as Ananya brings a glass of ginger tea in front of him .Tarun Mehta a born genius gives her mock stare .Leaving his room she goes to her study to do some research on her research thesis  which she is going to submit .After  a while Tarun enters her study in order to read something from her library  .

Finding Ananya dead in her own study Tarun ′s heart thumped in anguish .Seeing a note  next to poison bottle ,he reads “ Dear Tarun I never objected your leaving me and please stop hurt people who do not know  what  suffering you have  ”

Re Reading  the letter Tarun feels the pain and guilt knock his gut  .Tarun cries as loud as possible and tries reviving her . After that  he calls his family doctor Dr.Jayesh Mehta  and request him  come down to his residence in order check Ananya ′s health  .Dr.Jayesh Mehta who comes and examines Ananya  as if she was his lab ka chooha  he then  slowly  comments  “See Tarun …your fight  has caused her trouble ”.These are  medicines required by her body  please give them on time otherwise…By the way what did you say to her that forced her take a such a heinous step  ? Dr.Jayesh Mehta inquires “….nothing much ” but now “I  ain’t or can‘t live without her ” please do understand my feelings doc ,Tarun says by covering his face  and shaking his head in ‘No’.

Doctor ′s eyes shoots up in surprise  and he just could not comprehend  anything from this current situation  . Nurse please  give her this injection  he stretches the pre prepared injection in front of her and then leaves his residence immediately to finish his unfinished meal  . The nurse did her duty as per the instructions given by the doctor and then she slows inserts some seductive substance in Ananya  glucose injection that  made  Ananya′s body  and mind shrink .Tarun who suddenly sees this surprisingly  snaps at the nurse several times unknowingly .Nurse tells the truth of her being in love with him since their  college days  .

Tarun Mehta is shocked to hear this news and rewinds his memory .Once after he rewinds his memory ,he sees a shy slyest girl draping books around her chest in front of the book depo only to see him and he thought it was Ananya who did such insane acts only to have his attention .

Looking at Ananya dead pale face  he shoves Tanya the  Nurse away from her room and kisses Ananya′s  lips by slowly  and slightly pushing her dress down to her stomach . Unhooking her bra he kisses and bites her nipples and then calls out her name and tries to revive her .And then pushing her dress further down to her toes .Tarun kisses her naval seductively  and then he sees her react to his touch .Ananya′s eyes  and leg widen in thrill  then Tarun  pushing her panties down and throwing   his shirt and jeans away   on the floor  with a ferocious moments .Tarun licks her soft folds and applies sight pressure on soft sex spot. This act of his makes her moan and Ananya involuntary pushes his boxers down to play with  his velvety shaft and feels satisfied as her body could accept his manhood .

Slowly after feeling the climax Tarun starts kissing her lips with tears in his eyes because he sees her pulling IV away to be one with him .

‘Sorry to give you such a jathaka like this ’ Ananya hoarsely whispers in his ears .Pulling herself up on the bed she hugs by easing her soft moans on his chest .

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 Character Visualization Exercise no 37 : Sex Proof
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