Meera weds Vasu Part 33

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“Meera….my jaan  do not get annoyed with whatever our neighbours say as they are  jealous of our relationship ”Vasu states imperiously .

“Jaan…I  do understand but I  cannot keep my mouth shut like you do ”Meera replies by sitting on his lap .

Vasu…. we have come a long way despite some hindrances like your exes knocking by head  out and brain washing our daughters mind  over and over against me  so she can play her magical card , Meera says by biting his juicy lips

Meeruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Vasu moans softly as  she caresses his forehead with her free hand   .Suddenly he lifts Meera by her buttocks  and  takes her to shower .

Psst…….the shower starts to get turn on as they enter .The bathtub smiled at shower in ‘awwh’   as if to say it loved her  from the  bottom of   his heart , the shower blushed in delight and after Vasu touched her she melted as he twisted her bottom Shhh…..the water gushed through her by making them wet .

Then tentative Vasu and Meera sees each other and sink themselves inside the bath tub and start relaxing .The bath soap, wines glasses and tap admire each other while Meera and Vasu start their foreplay by igniting their sexual paws  Slowly and Steadily Vasu pulls her in between his legs and trusts him into her being  by making her mind feel numb with desire , now Meera holding Vasu ′s waist by her legs kisses his stubbed face tenderly with tears and thanks him for every bit of support which he is giving her until now .Nibbling her breasts  Vasu stares at her and wipes her tears with his kisses .

Seeing this  scenes the bathrobes whooped in enthusiasm as  they are going to adorn them now .

Feeling completely exhausted they just push themselves to their bedroom and sleep with bathrobes on


With Lots of Love,

Author N




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