Character Visualization Exercise no 38 : Love @ Temple

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Hey Ri  what’s up with you these days , I  enquire as I  enter the local Devi temple with a tali (plate ) that had  a coconut shell, few grains of rice , turmeric powder ,kum kum (red colour powder), a box of sweets and flowers on it  as I  and other Maharashtrian people consider the month of shravan i.e the monsoon season in India as auspicious because it is  month of friendliness ,  brotherhood and Independence .

“Busy! With a lot of work in office especially when you are C.E.O of your own company “Rishi Kulkarni says with a wink .I nod in understanding.

“So you have come to meet the Devi of this temple with your endless list of petitions” I teasingly enquire him.

Yep, he replies and then he folds his palm in humbleness and salute Devi in his own style. When I see Ri I feel so happy to have him as friend who understands my perfections and   some of the imperfections too very well.  Then I hand over   my decorated Tali full of appeasing items to the pundit of the Devi temple. I too join my palm and start requesting Devi something with tears in my eyes. Ri who opens his eyes first sees me through his hooded eyes .Rubbing my tears from my cheeks. He asks so what’s your plan for Friendship’s day, Raksha bhandan and Independence Day.

‘Nothing ‘I say and start wearing my high ended sandals after saluting Devi of the local temple.

“Style haan madam” Ri states it with a laugh and I also join him in his laughter.

“Brute” I say looking at him with mock because  ladies passing by giggle at us as they assume us to be a couple

“Ri jokes apart seriously see the friendship’s day celebrations have become a huge showy  business now  and youngsters these days are  celebrating  the friendship’s day  with a plastic smile plastered on  their faces not only that many are breaking their friendship with those people who think well of them as they cannot tolerate  their friend’s sermons ”  I  say all these things with a lot of drama added to it .

RI keeps quiet for a long time and says ‘Sorry’ I also did the same thing with you during our college hay days. That’s true, I had and still having flaws so it is but natural aspect of somebody like you and others like you to break their friendship with me.

Ri chucked in ‘ No’ and says ” Only fools with no wisdom could do it.

Accha in what aspect? I inquisitive enquire.

But the answer which he gives me is a fabulous one

Ash dear ,friendship and brotherhood are born from our hearts and if we unwilling to accept it .It would be our  biggest failure  of our lives i.e. may be the strings of heart would eventually become weak and if some tried to infuse their love on us we would not be able to receive it in a right way .

The amount of love would spill like flowing water from our hands without us being actually aware off since we are carelessly creatures .But those who understand the true meaning of Friendship’s day or Raksha bhandan they would give and spread love like you dear without having any expectation from the other party responding to this stimulus because people like you are like honey which heels the burns over and over when applied to it.

After a while the concerned party would react in a positive way, but not all.

This thing /aspect I have learnt from you when we both were and still can great friends…if you wish …and you are the one asking me to share this piece of gyaan with you, he says with a mock laughter and proceeds further .Ash sweetie never give up hope, be yourself and keep on spreading your fragrance like a flower with gusto and the world around you will change accordingly.

Do not fret away ,he says smiling at me as he jumps from last stair case of  the local Devi temple and then walking towards he half turns his head with a smile  “Chalo then  bye see you soon again I am already running late ”  he says by opening  his car and pulling me close to press his lips on mine  .

Bye and hey thanks for pep talk, I say and wave him good-bye after having  a passionate  encounter with him  that makes me feel energized .This is what Love @ Temple it is called I  think Ash mutters to herself and leaves the place in the opposite direction. 


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Character Visualization Exercise no 38 : Love @ Temple
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