Character Visualization Exercise no 41 : Sinful Kiss

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“Sasha child ! stop mourning on what Nimisha said ,bygones are bygones ”Samarat says looking at Rhea with pensive face .

Sasha cuddling around his chest crying sleeps  by keeping her head on his shoulders .Sam…Rhea says calls him  out with a small pat on his back .Sam comes to Rhea‘s side with heavy heart as their past Namarata  an  indirect cousins of the Bhatias and Iyers have haunted them over and over with her nuisance behaviour of filling others ears with some juicy gossip about them .

Samarat do you want Rasam (a tangy tomato substance )to drink  ?Rhea asks trying to control her uprising emotions .Samarat holds by her wrist and kisses  Rhea lips passionately for 30 minutes to ease his tension which is knotting  his heart  now . Rhea pressing her closer to him un folds  Sasha from his chest and keeps  her on the sushi sofa  and then hugs him tightly as the insult which Namarata gave turning their colleges days haunted Rhea like a poisoned arrow now .Kissing her tear-stained face and making love to her by unbuttoning her dress in  their master bedroom  until the door bell welcomed Nimisha and Namarata in .

On seeing Namarata and her husband Raj holding Nimisha , Samarat threatens them to leave their house immediately without Nimisha . Raj holding  Nimisha argues with Samarat about Nimisha ′s custody , when Nimisha hears about her custody and not Sasha custody she freezes for moment wishing to be held by Samarat .

Samarat opens his arms to welcome her but Raj hold was so strong that she could move or leap forward .

Finally Nimisha started  crying aloud , Raj suddenly  could feel blood oozing out his chest. Then when he sees down Raj shakes  his head in ‘No’ as his pricy Rhea falls at his to beg him to give their Nimisha back as  his heart could not tolerate to see such a non sense scene like this and colour liquid seeped through chest .

Raj drops downs to the floor to her level ,smiling at her Raj kisses her lips sinfully without feeling guilty about his actions and he finally snoozes on her lap.

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely cool  batch   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise no 41 : Sinful Kiss
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