Cannot Get Enough

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“Vivek uncle what  are you telling ? ,brothers are unlikely gifters in this season as they  check their pockets ”Kiara asks inquisitively .

But…Dr.Tejas is not like that , he gifts  every one generously …Vivek commented taking a deep sigh .

By making Kiara feel disgusted as if  to say she is not the deserving kinda of person .“Hmm Umm  Vivek uncle , I think you are having wrong presumptions about our family . As our family cannot get enough to see Kiara these days since she is busy writing , directing , counselling and grooming the masses regarding  relationship with one other  and you… ” Dr.Tejas snaps at Vivek uncle′s say by making a commendable statement like this  one .

Hearing these words and phrases used by Dr. Tejas  , Vivek uncle′s face becomes beetroot red and without  saying anything  he leaves their Villa by taking two quick strides .

Then Dr. Tejas hugs his silly   little sister Kiara  with love and allows her to  cry for a bit  . Kiara lifting her tear drenched face says “You are the best bhai dooj gift ”.

With Lots of Love,

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