Destination Meera

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Photo Source :

See our child Kiara is socializing with all like there is no tomrrow ,‘but …you are scared  about her life turning upside down hmm…is′nt it?’ Vasu questions Meera as he kisses  her medulla oblongata with passion .

“Yes …sweetie with upcoming Shirley  ′s treat of ruining our happiness by bring our past back  to present ” Meera responds stiffly .

Ah !My sweet jaan do not bother much as our children Kiara and Tejas have seen our past and their behaviour towards us , now its their time ie our past to worry about nemises and their reputation ,so come up here and  lets  us now enjoy  food at  Destination  Meera where her hubby and children are waiting for her to join  for a fun filled  lunch .., Vasu stats and Kaira….he ways at her .


With Lots of Love ,

Author N




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