PHOTO SOURCE : www.123rf.com
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.123rf.com

Raj ….please do not torture yourself by marrying me ,Niharika says by trusting her head inside his chest and cries out silently .

Lifting her face wiping her tears off her face , Raj kisses her eyes and hugs her tightly without saying anything .

Deepak look at the true love blooming  in there , Daisy says feeling misty and dizzy.

‘Yes Darling’ Deepak nods  and calls  Raj………….

Come on  let’s go otherwise they will give  us  their puzzled glances ,since they do not know on what grounds  is our relationship,Raj pulling her towards him makes this statement .

“On what”Niharika questions with a funny expression  lighting her face up .

HA HA HA…. ,the laughter roared  from lions mouth making him feel happy and light .


With Lots of Love ,

Author N


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