Meera Weds Vasu Part 40

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15 years  of friendship  with her husband Vasu makes her look bolder and  stronger day by  day  in every way .

Meera  siting  besides Vasu  questions him “How about having a beach  bath baby?”.

‘Yes ’……provided you wear this white short  skirt  and top baby  Vasu says pointing at the packet  on his lap. What nonsense ! Meera pats his back.

Smiling at her ,he feels like  someone has smeared colors of Holi on his face .

Ready are we ? Meera queers .

“Yes Madame” Vasu says by pressing himself closer to her needy body .

Entangling their hands , eyes and heart in each others  happiness  ,Meera and Vasu leave for their beach bath session and also to revive  the golden memories of their love and friendship  .


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4 thoughts on “Meera Weds Vasu Part 40

  1. Never before had Vasu seen this romantic side of Meera. With 15 years of marriage gone by and their only son studying at Doon, they both seem to have time for each other. Their trip to Goa which was totally unplanned took Meera by surprise. She was awed at the way Vasu had understood her each and every small desire. At each step, around each corner, she saw surprises come her way, thanks to Vasu.

    “What wrong is it to wear a skimpy beachwear, if it were to satisfy her hubby, who has showered so many goodies on her in life?” she started wondering. She only wanted a nudge. Vasu pressing himself closer to her needy body provided that.

    Vasu had planned this out. Behind the small rock where there was a quiet pond tucked away, he whisked her away. It looked as though it were their own private beach resort. But Meera could not but watch with surprise the way Vasu’s jaw dropped at her wearing this beach wear. What followed in the beach bath and later at the pond is left to everyone’s imagination. It was a rediscovery of their longing bodies. It was a replay of their first few days after marriage.

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