A tale of ‘Saamanta’

PHOTO SOURCE : www.shutterstock.com
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.shutterstock.com

Pa..yaar will you allow me  to speak to these irritating South Indian ass who are repeatedly saying the same over and over .

What are you going to do ?.Saamanta father queers .

“ Nothing…. but I will never forgive these egoistic pigs especially Shyam Gurumurthy ” she says audibly .

Accha …let me see , what you  do when Captain Major Shyam  Gurumurthy comes ?.  Mr.Madhav Shah Sharma challenges  his daughter by shaking his leg to peppy song from Gujjubhai the great .

Ap..pa…. , no Appa business here Mr.Madhav Shah Sharma interrupts her by making her sighing  a lot .

Making a face in front of everyone she leaves the board room .Madhav sighs  at her daughter′ s hatred towards his own community and fears of her feeling  getting hurt cruelly by these  waspish and  egoistic South Indian  pigs .

Meet Captain Major Shyam  Gurumurthy, Mohini says to her daughter .Saamanta immediately snaps back by saying “ Ma… stop entertaining people like Shyam” .

And walks after from the place .

I am sorry son, Mohini states and shouts at her by forcing Saamanta to marry Shyam.

After getting hitched she tells him stop yearning her love and shuts herself in a room  crying for release from bad people around her  . Madhav seeing his daughter′s health reports slams Mohini  for no reason . 

Seeing this unexpected changes in Mohini aunty caused by him ,Shyam punishes himself for separating Saamanta from her father  that he did on say of other  egoistic south indian pigs since he  was an orphan who  did not family and the Gurumuthys were kind enough to provide him a life and identity .

One day while shaving he sees Saamanta fainting down from the staircases of his apartment near saath bungalas ,Mumbai  . Saamanta.. he shouts and tries  waking her up  but she does not respond to his pleas .Then he immediately calls his college mate Dr.Bakul Kamath Patel to examine her .

Dr.Bakul Kamath Patel arrives immediately on call and is himself in state of shock to see former egostic foe calling  him now for help.

After examing Saamanta he says “Shyam …its because of your ego and other egoistic pigs of your community that has brought Saamanta down to this condition ” Do not stare with a such expression like that .‘ All the communities have ego centric people  but there are fools like Madhav uncle and my father Mr.Mahesh Kamath Patel to have least egos about their wealth and knowledge since they value the hearts of people around them’ Understand that Shyam.

Shyam feels defeated and sees Saamanta′ s reacting towards his warm and welcoming touch which makes him feel welcoming .

With Lots of Love,

Author N





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