Tasha’s Raj

Photo Source : www.dreamstime.com
Photo Source : http://www.dreamstime.com

Tasha screams via the microphone “Nooooooo”  when she sees her sister living in with a Europe guy Ruth Kamikaze ,because she has a aversion towards the goras and finally she decides to leave her paradise as her family is ‘OK’ with her sister’s choice
Years pass by ,there is no news from any one of them .But one day with a lot of hesitation Ruth Kamikaze drops a mail saying that her sister is dead.

Reading this mail she snaps at him by saying ” Do not communicate with a dead morsel”
After reading her revert ,Ruth Kamikaze ‘s temper flares up and he  immediately reverts to her response by typing “I am coming to London “

Reading this message ,Tasha feels lost and immediately goes to Frankfurt.
Ruth gets information from her colleagues and interns about this by aggravating his anger .

Finally when Ruth gets hold on her ,He  kisses Tasha punishingly at first then tenderly.

Tasha feels weird and stares at him in “aww”.

“Never say you are a  morsel , I know you were in love with me  when I was married to your sister who did not love me back like you have done  for your family sake  ” Ruth says and spills the beans of his life .

Stunned Tasha could not more from her place .
Her mind went back to her college days where her eyes were  set on the most charming man  called “Raj” and the accident spot that made her numb in pain .

Ruth…no one  can change destiny ….Tasha says pointedly and tries leaving her spot .


But when she  hears the  two cute voices saying”Maasi”and “SweetHeart “.

Tasha glares at him ,seeing his mischievous smile on his face .

“Its you Raj…..” Tasha queers with tears forming in her eyes .

Yes….now as Ruth Kamikaze .

Tasha touches  his features and kisses his lips with fiercely .

 With Lots of Love,

Author N


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