Character Visualization Exercise no 58 : RHEAS ARROGANCE

Photo Source : WorldArtsMe
Photo Source : WorldArtsMe

Rhea Bansal’s Rose Garden Hotel is all what Zia did not …want but her Jamie an Australian lover.
Vasu and Meera could see the  wrath in her eyes for Jamie and Rhea ,but they could not do anything about it since every one especially the romance writers write stories by keeping male and female characters hot and sexy as no one wants /wishes to keep heavy , enchanting and humorous.
For them humorous means “making a smart ass comment”

Vasu stops watching shows or reading books on true love because for him true love means broad minded ness which Rhea and Jamie did not have.
But one day he finds Raj a CA cum writer following Zia to his shock.
Meera simply smiles at him any says “Magic Begins”.


To this Vasu makes some funny facial expression and this makes everyone in Rose Garden Hotel laugh in delight expect for Rhea as she has stolen everything from her sibling Zia.


Jamie starts admiring Zia a lot and proposes with having any second thoughts to everyone’s surprise.

Raj holds his mom Meera’s hand with delight as Zia with a birth defect gets the ultimate gift from universe without her knowledge and surprises her with a huge business deal of 40 cores for which she is working hard.


“Zia’s father Mr.Rohit Bansal is shocked and surprised to see his child Zia unfold into a majestic business woman”.
Rohit shares this news with Rhea…on hearing this breaking hot news she reacts   causally as if it is not an achievement.
Rohit does not know how to react to Rhea’s statement but then Zia’s hugs gives him strength to fight Rhea’s arrogance.

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely tempting picture   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise no 58 :  RHEAS ARROGANCE
Character Visualization Exercise no 58 :  RHEAS ARROGANCE

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