Vasu’s Redemption

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“By the way what they are saying about us Vasu looking at Meera questions” Today due to their son’s adamance of becoming a hero has left them nowhere.

 But in these two years not only Kiara ditched them by spat unethical words but also revealed her true color by making Vasu week but with Meera by his side he feels rejuvenated like a newly married couple and visits Agra.
On reaching Agra via Raj Touristy, he slams the English couple who is in state of “aww” by saying “You should be in state of “aww” when you see spastic society people coming out of their nailed shells …and you are feeling awwed when you see two souls meet up, hmmm”.

 Raj laughs at his soul father’s comment and   says “This foreign bird is priced for sale at € 200.
“Bas itna hi “Vasu questions in surprise.
With Saanvi coming towards them, Vasu and Meera hearts fills up with pride as their last daughter has agreed to marry Raj…

With a new found vigor they do arrangements for the wedding happily until when Tejas returns with his biological mother who also happens to be Saanvi’s birth mother too ie Ms Shefali….  Vasu’s ex

On seeing her, Kiara…. and Meera…eyes goes black and blank, Vasu…..stiffens his grip around of the decorated pole and family 

With accusing glance he declares  ” Shefali….You are witch in a human form ,get lost from here and for you Mr.Tejas you have pay monetary interest of Rs 11 Lakh’s to your step mom Meera who took care of you .”

Tejas and Saanvi are dub found after hearing his rants.

Then Vasu finally announces Raj and Kiara’s marriage.


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