Vasu’s Regret

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Meera Ma you are great example of strength ,wit ,wisdom and self emphasis  ,without you our lives would become ruthless and anchor less.

But your nag nag is like torture to me  ,”not only that beta ..Meera ‘s self mutter – ment about things that her family  should understand adds a lot of irritation in my heart ” Vasu points out while flipping the newspaper from left to right .

“Dad ….anything you want to add in Kiara letter to me”  Meera asks wiping her sweat from  her forehead .

“Nothing” Vasu replies and winks at his daughter .

Kiara lovingly embraces Meera by silently making a wish “that her parents should be loveable like this forever “

“Kiara wishes  fulfilled, but the vacuum that  Tejas has created in their lives  is  beyond repair ” Vasu feels bad as he hugs his wife Meera whose heart is ever ready  to accept or forgive others  for the mistakes done knowingly .

Taking a deep breath he unzips Meera dress ,pushing her on back, he tears off his shirt ,pants and engulfs himself in her warmth and trusts himself into her being by making her feel wanted .


 With Lots of Love,

Author N


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