Avinash Hegade Hippo ‘s Love

Photo Source : www.dreamstime.com
Photo Source : http://www.dreamstime.com

Oh Ma, are you the director of a comedy show called “Indian Hues” Ash questions teasingly.


“You….young lady will not understand our profession and goals” Avinash Hegade Hippo says sternly.


Mr… Hippopotamus, I mean Mr. .Avinash Hippo …, Nooooooo it is Avinash Hegade Hippo he barks back. 


Oh Ma, this man! Ash exclaims.


Ash smiles at Vasu, Meera and her family them by giving them the go ahead signal.


“Keep 100 meters distance you gold digger…” Avinash Hegade Hippo says by hardly trusting into her body.


Ash initially hesitated, but later on she started liking the feel of his body.


Avinash too started liking the feel of her body.


Life for them started to shine   until one day Damyanti Hegade brings in Ash’s contract papers which Ash signed unintentionally in front of registrar.


“Avi…I …… do not want to leave you” Ash says keeping her head low ,but you have leave him forever Avinash Hegade Hippo’s mother dragging her out of their bedroom says .


Avinash is shocked to see his mother’s wrath towards a gentle person like Ash.


Do not drag Mrs. Avinash Hegade Hippo like this otherwise I will leave you Ms Damyanti Hegade , he threatens his mother and leaves home with Ash to make a paradise of their own .


Seeing his support Ash sheds tears and searches answers for her unasked questions.


Mrs. Hippopotamus how could I  live without you calling me Mr. Hippopotamus , he kisses her nape ,unzipping her dress he touches her  bare back and groans when he find obstruction in form of bra.


Unbuttoning the hook  he touches the harden nipples and rub them passionately until he finds her ready and wet ,now kissing her lips passionately he enters himself into her being and swallows  her moans allowing her to feel his manhood .


Ash kisses him like there no tomorrow by unbuttoning his Lewis jeans and rubbing her hands on soft buttocks without the fear of conceiving.


 With Lots of  Love,

Author N


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