Vasu’s and Meera ‘s Tales Continues

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“Abhi life is not at  all about roses” Vasu hitting the shuttle cock says in light hearted manner .

Abhi frowns at him and tells him to shut his gyaani  mouth up and goes back to pavilion.

On seeing Abhi ,Pakhi makes a super dirty face in front of Meera  and leaves the place with her hubby Abhi.


“Tujhe keede bhahut hai na” Meera punches him happily.


Ha Ho Ha ! Vasu laughingly throws his arms around.


Vasu a perfect 6ft 2 inch’s man wearing spectacles looking gracing for his age this sight of his   makes Meera’s heart go  for crazy  .


Pakhi and her son Ajay sees this sight ,a furious Abhi trashes his daughter Natasha desire  of marrying Tejas by saying “No” .

Pakhi tries to consolidate her by caressing her hair but all goes in vein as Natasha moves out of their  villa to The United States of America against their wishes  .


Abhi loses everything.

But one day when he sees Vasu and Meera holding Tejas and Kaira’s hand for… their children had been ditched pitiably by life.

Natasha coming from no where says “ I love Vasu Uncle and Meera more than  you guys because they understands their  kids heart and they ….are looking for a bride and groom so that they would not go astray…

Pakhi yelled at Natasha with a thundering roar she says  “Never” which fell in deaf years .

Because Pakhi was one of his ex girlfriend who tired to break M&V team which surprised Abhi and Natasha as she spats the truth out her mouth.


With Lots of Love,

Author N



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