Character Visualization Exercise no 60 : Draupadi and Karna ‘s love

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“Draupadi sorry I am going to unwrap your saree” Karna says and waits for her response.

Do it  na its our win Duryodhana says, but Karna does not do it .

Bowing down in front of her ,he cries and leaves the sabha .

Draupadi runs towards him and asks “Will you marry a women who has been disturbed among the five valorous brothers and they  who have brought shame to her”.

Drau..padi you do not love us any more, Dharama Raja Yudistir thunders .

No and Never ! she exclaims and retorts Karna is much better humane than all brother born with a golden spoon .

Then kissing Karna’s  lips and chest ,she asks him if his answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

‘Yes’ comes his reply and Krishna’s  chakra kills them.

And then Krishna ‘s chakra kills  the entire  Pandhavas and Kauravas ‘s clan in order to recreate one .

When Draupadi  sees this she laughs at him and asks him “shall we   go  now to bholoka brother ?”

Looking at ideal couple he says ‘Get ready to receive more  positive and negative vibration and haan do not leave each others hand saying so he pushes them down.’

Karna understands his point whereas Draupadi does not understand because she has seen so much atrocities that if she faces some more she will be in verge of ruining her self .

So  in order to protect themselves in booloka they take new identities of Mr.Vikram Chandra and Mrs .Vedavathi Chandra .

They fulfill their duties by seeing the people of  booloka struggle to detach themselves from all negative qualities .

Draupadi and Karma feel bad about ithem  and finally decide make a visit to  heavan  .

But before they leave the booloka Draupadi gets pregnant with Karna’s kids .

Now they are  forced live  here  ….as a sweet loving   human couple

Draupadi and Karna  enjoy  each and ever moment of their lives here  because this booloka has given them true sense of contentment of being one.

*This is fictitious tale and have no intention of hurting any religious sentiments

To participate in this exercise please follow the guidelines by clicking on to the link given below.


And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely tempting picture   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise no 60 : Draupadi and Karna ‘s love
Character Visualization Exercise no 60 : Draupadi and Karna ‘s love


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