PHOTO SOURCE : New HD Wallpapers
PHOTO SOURCE : New HD Wallpapers

“Vasu…just your nonsense up ,see the mentality of Indian Sophisticated Society i.e  Urban Society  ” Meera says as Vinod Rao tries to do the SWAT analysis by making  his daughter Adarshini Rao cry for help.


Adarshini Rao a great scientist having a speech disability but…she fights with life emotional and mental tirelessly still at the end she fails as the world does not appreciate her efforts.

Her family especially her parents do not understand her feelings until one day she fell unconscious in somebody’s arms .


Adarshini tries to wriggle from the manly arm fold but he does not allow it happen

He means her best friend Veejay Rao  whom she does  not  like as he hurt her very badly during their college .


So Veejay starts to pretend like he does not know her.


Adarshini tries to  cut him short by telling him that “she is not ready for marriage”

Veejay unimaginable understands  why Aadarshini is telling such things to him ?and waits for her  ‘YES’


Adarshini tries to make him understand the pros and cons of being her soul mate

Veejay keeps quiet and does not push her to say the truth behind this aversion.

One day as Veejay Rao enters  Aadarshini′s  abode  ,he sees her parents advising her about acceptance  and not to think  list which makes  suffocates her .

Veejay laughs at her  situation  to Aadarshini′s surprise and  she asks him “W———————HAT….THE HE…………LLL are you doing here ?”.

‘NOTHING’,Just seeing another Indian parent anxiety, Veejay says and hugs her from behind by planting a swift kiss on her bare back  making Aadarshini feel breathless .

“We can make superb couple like Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan”Veejay Rao

‘Oh I see ♥!’Aadarshini exclaims and nodes in ′YES′ as he proposes in front of her parents  by making them shed tears of joy .

And they end up getting  hitched  in a yacht  with a surprise coming their  way 

PLS NOTE : I am writing this story  because I am sure there are quite few men like Veejay Rao  who appreciate being with such people .

With Lots of Love,

Author N 




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