Iyers are too intelligent to understand what life is all about

PHOTO SOURCE : www.pinterest.com
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.pinterest.com

Are you serious young man ?Vanita questions.

A fashion photographer  like you….. ‘Vinit’.…..is asking for my hand ,me a simple and docile piece who is not comfortable posing for fashion photographers with nude models .

I too do not like them ,being with them gives me sense of  perspiration,hmmm what ? Vanita queers by raising a brow and patting her left feet.

I mean a sense of grrhhh…Vinit replies and on top that my landlord “The Great Grumpy Proudy  Iyer of National Herald”wants me vacate the house and his daughter wants to join movies, Uff Yaar..

Your condition is understandable, “ The National Herald Grumpy Iyer is a Parasite’’ Vanita says in a mock frustration.

Oh Yeah , do not  look like this at me ?Vanita says and gives a friendly punch on his chest.

Ouch! ,he smiles at her .

No yaar people like “The National Herald Grumpy Iyer” are required in our society so that we can have a good laugh.Vinit says with a wink.

Not fair V! Vanita exclaims .

What Vanita ? Vinit babbles.

“He is a real  comic pain for us” Vasu says with smirk.

Really ?,Vinit questions, Yes beta ! he does such stupid things that all his relatives from  Narasimhan clan have stopped speaking to him .

Perverts ! Vanita says with irritation.

“Anyways all the Iyers think God = Great I do not understand why  they get married..” Meera stats with a chuckle .

“Because ….they are too intelligent to understand what life is all about” Vasu comments and twinkle at his wife Meera who before marriage was an Iyer girl who never understood the mean of communally war and the fashion statement that people make on Facebook to prove how broad minded they are …

With Lots of  Love,

Author N


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