I am forever young dude

PHOTO SOURCE : www.pininterest.com
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.pininterest.com

Vasu coughs as he cleans the store-room, Meera also starts coughing when the dust goes inside her nostrils.


“Throw these albums out “ Meera fires at him.

“One bullet shot,second… and the third….” Vasu murmurs .


What ! Meera exclaims ,now pushing him towards the wooden wardrobe and  says “Let’s browse these albums ”.


OM Jeez!,this is us ….Vasu ,Meera says

and blushes to her cheeks betrayal until her eyes falls on a thrown photo.


Vasu seeing the  changes in Meera    facial emotions  tries diverting her mind by saying “Meera its lunch time now so…shall we proceed for lunch or shower”


“Shower” Meera says

“Normal or Buttery” Vasu questions looking  with wickedness.


“Non- Sense” Meera tells and tries getting up from the sofa ,but Vasu playfully pulls her down …


“What if the kids see and anyways you are granddad now so please behave yourself”Meera mock and slaps his thighs .


I am forever young dude ! Vasu stats and laughs as his granddaughter jumps on his lap.


With Lots of Love,

Author N


4 thoughts on “I am forever young dude

  1. Lapping up the last piece of his breakfast Vasu fondly recalled his youth days. He had both his normal and buttery showers with Meera. He also had some times a “chocolatey” shower before the normal one. Meera’s blush at the thrown away album was not just a knee-jerk reaction. She reminisced how she used to drag Vasu into the shower quiet frequently when they got married. As grandparents and away from the pressures of performance (pun intended), both enjoyed each other’s company to the hilt. It was like a small world within the larger universe. While the granddaughter was a welcome intrusion into their privacy, the naughtiness of Vasu popped up its head now and then. Their son and daughter-in-law had left their daughter with her grandparents and gone on a jolly trip in India, having just returned to India from USA. Vasu wondered as to why married couples beyond 50 should not have their privacy and joy. Love is eternal. The granddaughter who was barely 2 years old was bathed by Meera this time sans Vasu. It enjoyed the shower and playing in water. Meera realised the happiness of being a grandparent for the first time. Vasu wrapped up the baby in a turkey towel. Both took turns of dressing her up and enjoyed the affectionate giggles and unspoken language. Words came out without any grammar or cohesion, but could it match the joy you will get anywhere?

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