Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev’s Queen

Photo Source : Pinterest
Photo Source : Pinterest

Arnaya..Meera calls out from the building compound.

Darn…Meera Maasi, you are great ..,Mahan ho   , Arnaya says ..

“Yes woh toh hoon hi ,but tell me why your eyes are not fond of him …”Meera queers .

“Nothing like that…he is much more notorious person than me and plus he identifies himself as a ‘heart throbber’”Arnaya stats this in matter of fact tone.

He has a name child ! Meera sneers at her.

Okkk …Rajeev ,Arnaya says and stares at the wall mounted wooden photo frame with a mischievous smiles as his name triggers all their shared memories of love ,lust , compassion and unity .

Rajeev too wonders how would  his  behenji Arnaya look now ? .

Until one day his father Shyam  announces Rajeev’s marriage to Arnaya in front of his clients.

Rajeev feels helpless and thorn ,he immediately informs his father that he loves Indushree and “wishes” to marry her but his father  Shyam  tries  analyzing  Rajeev’s  current situation by  finally given in to Rajeev’s desire.

Preparation for wedding starts  in a  greater zeal under Rajeev’s influence. One day while visiting the decorators Rajeev’s eyes  suddenly falls on Arnaya.

On  seeing Arnaya  as a resplendent bride ,his heart nearly stops beating because he sees a divine angel in form of Arnaya all dressed up  in red saree decked with simple jewels and laughter  that makes  her face glow.

Rajeev feels a bit  ditched   about this fact  and immediately informs his father that he wants to marry Shyam’s choice and  is thankful and happy that his family supported his decision of making Arnaya his wife…without asking ‘Why’ .

With Indushree still thinking… about marriage and right time.

*Normally we wait for right time to see  how things come out in vain because unplanned things gives us maximum  happiness and pleasure.

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And now one more interesting feature is added and that is you can now add the awesomely tempting picture   given below after writing  your story.

Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev's Queen
Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev's Queen



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3 thoughts on “Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev’s Queen

  1. Rajeev had only had vague memories of Arnaya, until he saw her in the bridal dress. He started questioning himself “Did the dress make the difference or did she ? Is love that fatal that it can switch sides in one glance?”. All said and done, he found Arnaya more sexy than Indushree. “Let the latter do her own thinking and look out for her dreamboy” was the thought that stuck Rajeev. A small midriff opened a wave of love, if not lust in him. It brushed aside several things. He did not seem to be worried that youth and age fade away. What matters is what appears now, seemed to be Rajeev’s thoughts. Under the mask of pleasing his father Shyam he had his hidden agenda achieved. It even did not matter whether Arnaya liked him or not. But, yes he was pleased to see the twinkle in her eye, the shyness in her talk when asked about her choice.

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