Meera’s interpretation

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“Guptaji what is your son doing these days,” Mishraji asks.
“Nothing much, he is doing gupt dhaan,” Guptaji retorts with a wicked smile.
“Oh I see, same as my son’s condition Guptaji, but our kids are not like Vasu and Meera,” Mishraji says and points out them.

“Each one of them behaves as if they are dead morsel; no smiles or laughter plastered on their faces, it includes us too Mishraji,” Guptaji says and marches forward towards the laughing couple.

“Hey, guys came cho? Prof Suchak of NL college” Prof Suchak inquires.

“Maja Ma” they all replied in chorus.
“Today my wife made dhokla at my cousin’s, so I have brought some for you all.”
“As sharing is caring, hai na?” Meera says, showing her 32 teeth out having an innocent dimple on her cheeks with Vasu looking at her like a naughty toddler.
“Hello sambado, has anyone noticed a change in our group?” Meera asks.
“What?” Guptaji, Mishraji and Vasu chorus together.
“We all have read the book ‘India was One’ by Aithal  i.e., An Indian, haan haan. He also has written books on  the  galaxy,” Vasu completes her statement. “Yes,” Meera replies, and says
“Now the teenagers in our group are also reading ‘India Was One’ and hence they will now be smiling and laughing with us.”
“That’s great, Meera begum,” Vasu her darling hubby states in a matter of fact tone.
“But what worries me the most is the current trend of  adaptation what they call it as ‘movie adaptation.’ Movie adaptation of such cult classic books they start losing their shine,” Guptaji starts ranting. On hearing this Mishraji further pushes Guptaji’s rants by telling,  “Nowadays, actress wants to be raped on screen so that we public will sympathize with the women’s community altogether, but they can drink, smoke and do whatever they want and the society terms them forward thinking women plus now today’s gen X men want to marry such women but what about our children?”
“nowadays crickets like MS Doni and Virat Kohli’s biopic books written by some other writers become successful, and they are  adapted into movies.”

“Teenagers these days idolized them as their gurus plus if we tell this all blind faith what matters is fate they don’t believe, as they see only successful people movies.”

Looking at them Meera says, “It is no use of talking as our country India is dependent, not a benevolent nation, Indians now want to enjoy the western culture like  wearing jeans, short shirts, drinking, smoking, whereas, the westerners adopt the Indian culture of reading Vedas, Puranas, Gita and try wearing our India’s formal attire, like, saree and kurtis by coming down to Mumbai ~ the city of dreams .In fact, they are more cultured than us.
We are the carnivorous animals in human forms, and this has happened because of people’s adultered thinking which is still more infused by the directors and producers of this era .

The films like Dangal, PK, Harry met Sejal and Tamsha has deluded my mind, and I am unable to figure out what they want me to figure out after watching these movies.

For me, empowerment of women is being unsuccessful since we will do mistakes, wisen up from our mistakes and then we women will be truely empowered and this will allow men to also improve automatically.”
“How, Aunty Ma?” Tarun asks her.
Look at this list given below.
Good TV Shows.

Taarak Mehta ka oolatha chasma (Recent) airs on Sab TV
Dekh bhai Dekh (Clut Classic) airs on YouTube
TV Biwi Aur Mein (Recent) airs on Sab TV
The Big Bang Theory [Recent] on Zee Cafe.

Good Plays to watch
Comedy Family Gujarati Natak
Mummy 20 Ni Dikari 40 Ni Gujarati Natak.
Masala Mami Gujarati Natak starer Sarita Joshi.

Good Music  to   listen
Mohammad Rafi Songs
Kishore Da
Good Movies to watch.

Khoobsurat in which (Amitabh Bacchan) acted .
Chello Divas an Gujarati urban comedy.
And Good books to Read
India was One by An Indian
The Galaxy Series by Aithal .
The self help book by swami shivananda of Divine Life.

“Oh Aunty, you seem to be like our school principal who gives some reading work during our summer vacations,” Tarun says by popping a mint chew gum into his friend’s mouth.

Meera slaps his back with her books and gets up to jog for a while.
Seeing her getting ready to jog, Guptaji, Mishraji and Vasu also get ready to jog their minds and body up for a while.

So waving their good  byes to the youngsters in their group, especially Tarun. They all go jogging by laughingly and cracking jokes on others.



With lots of Love,

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