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Heya all,

I am Author N alias Niharika G  an Economics graduate from Mumbai University .I have started this blog due to my love for writing .I  believe in soft and sweet romances .I  believe in  the power of L.O.V.E  that cures a person totally in all respects .

Today being a my blog‘s anniversary , I  wish to confess something .I  am wannabe teacher , relationship -adviser and author .My primary  passion of teaching has forced me to  pen down  short stories on love , life , happiness and family bond .I hope you enjoy reading it !.

I am loner , dreamer who dreams about Princess and Prince.I have started two blog books  .I hope to print them too .I am looking out for suitable publisher and editor for the same .But in my free time , I  do a lot of art work like

1. Painting and decorating earthenware flowers vases and lamps.

2. Making jewellery for  my favourite deity.

3.Creating positive vibes  around me by cooking  (Love creating new dishes).

Finally I  love listening to old Bollywood songs and enjoy singing in bathroom, on the streets  and whenever I  watch T.V. 

Apart from this I  am going to start a section on ‘Character Visualization Prompts’ .We  all  would have FUN writing for SUCH  prompts .Yeah you can leave  all your responses in comment boxes and the best write will be posted on my blog for a week until I  give the next ‘Character Visualization Prompts’

I am going to  start this exercise from the upcoming  Sunday , you will be given 3 days time to do this exercise (i.e. up to Wednesday  afternoon  all door for this exercise will be open ). There is no word limit and in linkz for this exercise 

So that all for now , until next time   bye bye .See you all.


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Author N

Photo Credits :heymissawesome.tumblr ,www.pinterest.com and www.santabanta.com

7 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Very nice. 🙂 I definitely enjoyed reading it. May I suggest you sign up for Blogging U. courses, especially Writing101 and Blogging101, whenever they are announced next. Both are amazing sources for learning and networking. 🙂 All the best. 🙂

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