Marry Me Again

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Hmm what do want this ‘Year’ for our wedding anniversary which is going to fall on 5th September ?Vasu queers lovingly  . 

“ Nothing much I want  our children Tejas , Kiara and Raj to grow into useful individuals” Meera replies audibly and softly .

Vasu understands and kisses her  slightly rigid  right hand with  reverence, tears of gratitude trickle down from Meera′s round soft face as  Vasu caresses it . 

Meera feels beautiful and touches his scar on his forehead tenderly  which appeared when he was saving their children lives from his ex- Shirley ′  wrath  (who also happens to be a frustrated ,helpless ,hopeless and aggressive unmarried woman  like the   ‘Lakini’  rakshashi (demon) of the Ravana′s kingdom)

Seeing the dull mood , Vasu says “ Let′s get married again !”.

What ! Meera saying by making a face .

Meera getting  up from the sofa  she  kisses his lips  passionately by unbuttoning his shirt ,pants and underwear  ,then by pouring  honey on his body she kisses his body by licking all the  honey away in gusto   .

Vasu feeling the heat , rolls Meera  on  her back and rapidly removes  her cloths off .

Vasu hurriedly  starts sucking the nipples of   her breasts  , Meera′s breath leaves in a whoosh . Meera lifting  her hips orders Vasu to enter her being,he enters her being and says “ Madame you are driving me crazy ”.

“ Yes.. you are the only  one who  wanted us to marry again so this is our start  up then..” Meera replies with a laugh .

“ Crazy Meer”Vasu says by giving  her the best romantic  kisses all around her face .

Finally after a while ..,

Meera enters the kitchen  , staring at the lord Krishna′s portrait  she  thanks him  for making Vasu as her supportive  soulmate otherwise …nothing would happened in your life Vasu completes her incomplete thoughts by hugging her from behind and biting  her neck with  his fierce love  .


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Character Visualization Exercise no 64 : Unexpected Surprise

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Hell .. now what does he wants ,he who sir…? Sameera asks tentatively,My son aur  kaun …Vasant sir  says irritably .


“Raj….   just find Nick na otherwise you will get the hell out of his father Vasant sir  ,he is too much a garam kopadi like Nick” Meera requests him to the needful and stats the facts  in a soft voice .

“Madame what happened to your 10 days and 10 times ka plan” Raj queer cheeky.

“Radh ho gaya (it  is stopped for ever)” Samira refers repentantly with a little face .


Sam…..oh Sam…. he hugs her repeatedly and kisses her forever with reverence. She smiles a little  OK and then she drags him to their college.


My 10 days and 10 times plan is waste because….everybody wants figurative plus ambitious  women for marriage” Sameera says politely without meeting his eyes.


Raj…understands and presses his softy juicy lips on her pouty lips and plays with her  tongue, suddenly her breath catches up in her throat and she moans for release, Raj tears off  their cloths and rolls her on the ground of their classroom and thrusts himself into her harder and harder .By making Sameera enjoy his manhood by losing her virginity .


Touching his face, she mutters the magical words ‘I love you’ into his chest .

Raj laughing rolls her on his top and starts savouring her breasts and then by pushing her back on the ground ,Raj sucks and kisses the belly button by making her moan and by creating tension in her sex part .

Kissing his mouth and  shaft she enters his sex and bites his lower lip .

He intern rubs her buttocks and allows her to enter more by relaxing his mouth into a passionate kiss by giving rein to emotions and out of their passionate encounters Sameera gets pregnant with Raj’s daughter leaving everyone stunned since nobody knows the truth behind their relation expect Vasant sir .


With a warm and passionate smile ,he says “Welcome bahu and Nick I am so happy  to welcome my  would be granddaughter /son”.

Are you upset with Nick now …? Raj laughing through his tears queers .

No son…Vasant replies .

No one in world  knows Raj is Nick and Nick is Raj it because Nick (Raj) does not want the world to know  that he is Maharaja of  London and his Vasant Pa is ‘the King of Switzerland’.


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Character Visualization Exercise no 64 : Unexpected Surprise
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Meera’s interpretation

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“Guptaji what is your son doing these days,” Mishraji asks.
“Nothing much, he is doing gupt dhaan,” Guptaji retorts with a wicked smile.
“Oh I see, same as my son’s condition Guptaji, but our kids are not like Vasu and Meera,” Mishraji says and points out them.

“Each one of them behaves as if they are dead morsel; no smiles or laughter plastered on their faces, it includes us too Mishraji,” Guptaji says and marches forward towards the laughing couple.

“Hey, guys came cho? Prof Suchak of NL college” Prof Suchak inquires.

“Maja Ma” they all replied in chorus.
“Today my wife made dhokla at my cousin’s, so I have brought some for you all.”
“As sharing is caring, hai na?” Meera says, showing her 32 teeth out having an innocent dimple on her cheeks with Vasu looking at her like a naughty toddler.
“Hello sambado, has anyone noticed a change in our group?” Meera asks.
“What?” Guptaji, Mishraji and Vasu chorus together.
“We all have read the book ‘India was One’ by Aithal  i.e., An Indian, haan haan. He also has written books on  the  galaxy,” Vasu completes her statement. “Yes,” Meera replies, and says
“Now the teenagers in our group are also reading ‘India Was One’ and hence they will now be smiling and laughing with us.”
“That’s great, Meera begum,” Vasu her darling hubby states in a matter of fact tone.
“But what worries me the most is the current trend of  adaptation what they call it as ‘movie adaptation.’ Movie adaptation of such cult classic books they start losing their shine,” Guptaji starts ranting. On hearing this Mishraji further pushes Guptaji’s rants by telling,  “Nowadays, actress wants to be raped on screen so that we public will sympathize with the women’s community altogether, but they can drink, smoke and do whatever they want and the society terms them forward thinking women plus now today’s gen X men want to marry such women but what about our children?”
“nowadays crickets like MS Doni and Virat Kohli’s biopic books written by some other writers become successful, and they are  adapted into movies.”

“Teenagers these days idolized them as their gurus plus if we tell this all blind faith what matters is fate they don’t believe, as they see only successful people movies.”

Looking at them Meera says, “It is no use of talking as our country India is dependent, not a benevolent nation, Indians now want to enjoy the western culture like  wearing jeans, short shirts, drinking, smoking, whereas, the westerners adopt the Indian culture of reading Vedas, Puranas, Gita and try wearing our India’s formal attire, like, saree and kurtis by coming down to Mumbai ~ the city of dreams .In fact, they are more cultured than us.
We are the carnivorous animals in human forms, and this has happened because of people’s adultered thinking which is still more infused by the directors and producers of this era .

The films like Dangal, PK, Harry met Sejal and Tamsha has deluded my mind, and I am unable to figure out what they want me to figure out after watching these movies.

For me, empowerment of women is being unsuccessful since we will do mistakes, wisen up from our mistakes and then we women will be truely empowered and this will allow men to also improve automatically.”
“How, Aunty Ma?” Tarun asks her.
Look at this list given below.
Good TV Shows.

Taarak Mehta ka oolatha chasma (Recent) airs on Sab TV
Dekh bhai Dekh (Clut Classic) airs on YouTube
TV Biwi Aur Mein (Recent) airs on Sab TV
The Big Bang Theory [Recent] on Zee Cafe.

Good Plays to watch
Comedy Family Gujarati Natak
Mummy 20 Ni Dikari 40 Ni Gujarati Natak.
Masala Mami Gujarati Natak starer Sarita Joshi.

Good Music  to   listen
Mohammad Rafi Songs
Kishore Da
Good Movies to watch.

Khoobsurat in which (Amitabh Bacchan) acted .
Chello Divas an Gujarati urban comedy.
And Good books to Read
India was One by An Indian
The Galaxy Series by Aithal .
The self help book by swami shivananda of Divine Life.

“Oh Aunty, you seem to be like our school principal who gives some reading work during our summer vacations,” Tarun says by popping a mint chew gum into his friend’s mouth.

Meera slaps his back with her books and gets up to jog for a while.
Seeing her getting ready to jog, Guptaji, Mishraji and Vasu also get ready to jog their minds and body up for a while.

So waving their good  byes to the youngsters in their group, especially Tarun. They all go jogging by laughingly and cracking jokes on others.



With lots of Love,

Author N

Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev’s Queen

Photo Source : Pinterest
Photo Source : Pinterest

Arnaya..Meera calls out from the building compound.

Darn…Meera Maasi, you are great ..,Mahan ho   , Arnaya says ..

“Yes woh toh hoon hi ,but tell me why your eyes are not fond of him …”Meera queers .

“Nothing like that…he is much more notorious person than me and plus he identifies himself as a ‘heart throbber’”Arnaya stats this in matter of fact tone.

He has a name child ! Meera sneers at her.

Okkk …Rajeev ,Arnaya says and stares at the wall mounted wooden photo frame with a mischievous smiles as his name triggers all their shared memories of love ,lust , compassion and unity .

Rajeev too wonders how would  his  behenji Arnaya look now ? .

Until one day his father Shyam  announces Rajeev’s marriage to Arnaya in front of his clients.

Rajeev feels helpless and thorn ,he immediately informs his father that he loves Indushree and “wishes” to marry her but his father  Shyam  tries  analyzing  Rajeev’s  current situation by  finally given in to Rajeev’s desire.

Preparation for wedding starts  in a  greater zeal under Rajeev’s influence. One day while visiting the decorators Rajeev’s eyes  suddenly falls on Arnaya.

On  seeing Arnaya  as a resplendent bride ,his heart nearly stops beating because he sees a divine angel in form of Arnaya all dressed up  in red saree decked with simple jewels and laughter  that makes  her face glow.

Rajeev feels a bit  ditched   about this fact  and immediately informs his father that he wants to marry Shyam’s choice and  is thankful and happy that his family supported his decision of making Arnaya his wife…without asking ‘Why’ .

With Indushree still thinking… about marriage and right time.

*Normally we wait for right time to see  how things come out in vain because unplanned things gives us maximum  happiness and pleasure.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev's Queen
Character Visualization Exercise no 63 : Arnaya Rajeev's Queen



With Lots  of Love,

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I am forever young dude


Vasu coughs as he cleans the store-room, Meera also starts coughing when the dust goes inside her nostrils.


“Throw these albums out “ Meera fires at him.

“One bullet shot,second… and the third….” Vasu murmurs .


What ! Meera exclaims ,now pushing him towards the wooden wardrobe and  says “Let’s browse these albums ”.


OM Jeez!,this is us ….Vasu ,Meera says

and blushes to her cheeks betrayal until her eyes falls on a thrown photo.


Vasu seeing the  changes in Meera    facial emotions  tries diverting her mind by saying “Meera its lunch time now so…shall we proceed for lunch or shower”


“Shower” Meera says

“Normal or Buttery” Vasu questions looking  with wickedness.


“Non- Sense” Meera tells and tries getting up from the sofa ,but Vasu playfully pulls her down …


“What if the kids see and anyways you are granddad now so please behave yourself”Meera mock and slaps his thighs .


I am forever young dude ! Vasu stats and laughs as his granddaughter jumps on his lap.


With Lots of Love,

Author N

Character Visualization Exercise no 62 : Expectations vs Reality

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You can do it come on ,Vikram screams as Anya climbs the slippery  mountain .

“Oh  just shut up ,you asshole Vikram” Anya says and slowly jumps off the small slippery mountain .

“ Panting for breathe she says there is huge difference expectations and reality plus marriage is gamble where our hearts say is crushed to death” Anya stats and drinks water from the bottle by sitting on the rock  .

So then…..? Vikram queers .

So then… be like ‘Gandhari’s  of The great Mahabharata war put a black cloth around your eyes and accept anything  or else you pack yourselves to hell..Anya says untying the knots that  are  formed on her  shoe lace.

Seeing a confused expression  on Vikram’s face she laughs and queers

“किं जातम् ?”.

“किमपि न” Vikram says .

अथ किम्?,what are remunerating about ?.Anya asks

“अथ किम् ?.किमर्थं भोः?  चिकीर्षा  or दिवास्वप्न” Vikram snaps at her by making Anya Bite his earlobe .

Stop it you..sweets Vikram says and stare at Anya with mischievous smiles that is undeletable .

  • In the story there Sanskrit words used.

“किं जातम् ?” means what happened.

किमपि न” means “Nothing”.

किमर्थं भोः?  Means “Why”.

चिकीर्षा Means Desire .

दिवास्वप्न  Means Dreams.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 62 : Expectations vs Reality
Character Visualization Exercise no 62 : Expectations vs Reality

With Lots of Love,

Author N

Iyers are too intelligent to understand what life is all about


Are you serious young man ?Vanita questions.

A fashion photographer  like you….. ‘Vinit’.… asking for my hand ,me a simple and docile piece who is not comfortable posing for fashion photographers with nude models .

I too do not like them ,being with them gives me sense of  perspiration,hmmm what ? Vanita queers by raising a brow and patting her left feet.

I mean a sense of grrhhh…Vinit replies and on top that my landlord “The Great Grumpy Proudy  Iyer of National Herald”wants me vacate the house and his daughter wants to join movies, Uff Yaar..

Your condition is understandable, “ The National Herald Grumpy Iyer is a Parasite’’ Vanita says in a mock frustration.

Oh Yeah , do not  look like this at me ?Vanita says and gives a friendly punch on his chest.

Ouch! ,he smiles at her .

No yaar people like “The National Herald Grumpy Iyer” are required in our society so that we can have a good laugh.Vinit says with a wink.

Not fair V! Vanita exclaims .

What Vanita ? Vinit babbles.

“He is a real  comic pain for us” Vasu says with smirk.

Really ?,Vinit questions, Yes beta ! he does such stupid things that all his relatives from  Narasimhan clan have stopped speaking to him .

Perverts ! Vanita says with irritation.

“Anyways all the Iyers think God = Great I do not understand why  they get married..” Meera stats with a chuckle .

“Because ….they are too intelligent to understand what life is all about” Vasu comments and twinkle at his wife Meera who before marriage was an Iyer girl who never understood the mean of communally war and the fashion statement that people make on Facebook to prove how broad minded they are …

With Lots of  Love,

Author N

Character Visualization Exercise no 61: Like the 1% broad minded population


Vasu gives Kudalis of Mr. Iyer and Mrs. Iyer to pundit Murli to evaluate their longevity .

Gah Vasu ! Murli gasps aloud and says “They cannot live without each other”.

“Yes”very much Vasu replies and what about their kids bhavishya  .

“They will become great personalities”pundit Murali says and gets up from his seat .

Only to see Manvi Iyer standing, suddenly the regret of telling lies crops up in his mind.

So …pundit tell me one thing  “Why did you  tell lies to me  about their lives ” , and  what will Naman think about me? ,have you ever  thought about these aspects…., Vasu snaps at Murli .

But before leaving Murli humble abode ,Vasu says “ If everyone in this entire  world  starts  being  like the 1% of population who are in actuality are  broad minded to accept anyone and everything then….the world will improve and it  will  look like a better place  to live”Vasu says sternly by making Murli shiver in fright.

Meera seeing the dark circle formed  under her hunky jaded husband Vasu’s   eyes ,Meera laughs and smirks some  ice power on him and this makes Vasu smile because they are  “Imperfect Couples” whereas Manvi and Naman think they are the so called   “Perfect Ideal Couple”.

“As Marriage is all about meeting of hearts and laughter  no matter how much qualified and position he/she hold in a company .It  is ..all about {the acceptance part} that which  is important for survival ” Vasu says to his wife Meera as she brings his special  ginger tea with tray full of farsans of his liking.

*This story is written for the parents of seniors managers and chief managers who take pride about the children position in a company when the come match the kudalis …Darn saddist people .

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Character Visualization Exercise no 61: Like the 1% broad minded population
Character Visualization Exercise no 61: Like the 1% broad minded population
With Lots of Love,
Author N


PHOTO SOURCE : New HD Wallpapers
PHOTO SOURCE : New HD Wallpapers

“Vasu…just your nonsense up ,see the mentality of Indian Sophisticated Society i.e  Urban Society  ” Meera says as Vinod Rao tries to do the SWAT analysis by making  his daughter Adarshini Rao cry for help.


Adarshini Rao a great scientist having a speech disability but…she fights with life emotional and mental tirelessly still at the end she fails as the world does not appreciate her efforts.

Her family especially her parents do not understand her feelings until one day she fell unconscious in somebody’s arms .


Adarshini tries to wriggle from the manly arm fold but he does not allow it happen

He means her best friend Veejay Rao  whom she does  not  like as he hurt her very badly during their college .


So Veejay starts to pretend like he does not know her.


Adarshini tries to  cut him short by telling him that “she is not ready for marriage”

Veejay unimaginable understands  why Aadarshini is telling such things to him ?and waits for her  ‘YES’


Adarshini tries to make him understand the pros and cons of being her soul mate

Veejay keeps quiet and does not push her to say the truth behind this aversion.

One day as Veejay Rao enters  Aadarshini′s  abode  ,he sees her parents advising her about acceptance  and not to think  list which makes  suffocates her .

Veejay laughs at her  situation  to Aadarshini′s surprise and  she asks him “W———————HAT….THE HE…………LLL are you doing here ?”.

‘NOTHING’,Just seeing another Indian parent anxiety, Veejay says and hugs her from behind by planting a swift kiss on her bare back  making Aadarshini feel breathless .

“We can make superb couple like Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan”Veejay Rao

‘Oh I see ♥!’Aadarshini exclaims and nodes in ′YES′ as he proposes in front of her parents  by making them shed tears of joy .

And they end up getting  hitched  in a yacht  with a surprise coming their  way 

PLS NOTE : I am writing this story  because I am sure there are quite few men like Veejay Rao  who appreciate being with such people .

With Lots of Love,

Author N