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Nitin admires Vasu

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“What the hell are you doing here ..? Nisha is my girlfriend now please stop behaving like a weirdo” Nitin says furiously and leaves for his master suite where Nisha was waiting.

Nisha hearing their conversation feels like an intruder and leaves Nitin ‘s  master suite without leaving a note for him  .

After Nitin reaches his room and on finding  Nisha no wear  .He feels extremely hurt and in anger  he reaches Smriti room .

On seeing Smriti playing with a vein his heart nearly stops to  beat .

Immediately he rushes her to the hospital Smriti is almost declared dead .


Nitin does not feel happy  at all ,Immediately he calls her mama and  mami  ie Vasu and Meera.

On receiving the call ,Vasu slaps him through the phone by saying “ Hell with your sorry dare you do not take care of my niece off late she is behaving moodily I know that ,but it’s wrong on your part to bring NISHA …………..your girlfriend  to your place where MY SMRITI LIVES AS YOUR WIFE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE  YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND OTHERWISE VASU THREATENS and thrusts the receiver down by muttering some curses for him and his family for ”.


Doctor ?….Nitin queers .


“Only prayers can save her” Doctor says and leaves Nitin all alone with his thoughts  .


Nisha comes to see and  reassures  him about her presence .in his life


“Prayer is one thing that which Smriti  hated doing from the bottom of the heart”.

But he loved doing   it  as it  releases all   the negative energies  in his system .


So he starts praying hard and busts  inside ward no 300 to find Smriti playing with Vasu and Meera granddaughter’s VEDIKA .


On looking up ,Smriti eyes welled   up with tears of gratitude as she comes to terms that inside this buzziest man lies a sane man who loves her to nineties .


“Nitin… I am so sorry for being such a stubborn bore for not leaving you to enjoy your own life ,go and live with Nisha now ”. Smriti says  smilingly .


“No…never, she cannot live with an equally stubborn bore like you”.Nitin states .


She can live with the darling sweet heart Darlington Raj .

You mean  to say that kanjoos  Iyer uncle’s son,Smriti laughs by making rest of them feel cheerful and glad about her improving health  .

Nitin starts staring at Smriti by making her skin go purple .


Vasu knowing  the meaning behind dark glances  conjures Meera to leave them alone.

Now as the darkness sets inside the ward no 300  ,their hearts beat up .Without hesitation they shred their   every pent up desire  to such a level that the  universe itself  is unable    bear the electromagnetic waves emitting from their unison bodies after their intimacy .

Nitin kissing her lips touches her sweet sex spot ,finding her ready and warm he enters her  in his naked avatar .His powerful manhood complied her body to give him a powerful orgasm .and  now slowly when her body ejects she finds  Nitin snoring in sleep all satiated .


Next day morning when he feels soft breath blowing his hair from his forehead he opens  his eyes and smiles at the beautiful form of his wife  .


Kissing her lips he realizes two  things “Prayer to the God could be done in any way and  we need   not control our desires for  fighting with our internal demons    ”.


For him peace means Smriti ‘s hatred towards God and his stubbornness to pray  ,and  this makes   them a great pair then….why he committed  this stupidity of making NISHA  as his girlfriend ? .He laughs at himself as answer crops up his mind  and lifts his beauty Smriti up in joy  .


Vasu and Meera  visit   them again as Nitin pays the  hospital bills .


Seeing a possessive smile on his ,Vasu says “You are the best man Nitin !!!,the man who can change  rotten situations in happy endings .”


That is all because you are my  inspiration.

No is not possible Vasu pating Nitin’s  left shoulder says and runs to stand by Meera.

So  when is baby coming… Meera asks Nitin with wink.

It’s a secret Nitin replies by touching Smriti tummy.





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Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat’s twin affair

PHOTO SOURCE : www.pinterest
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.pinterest

“Acceptance is part of life”Vivek’s father Venkat says in a  gruffy way .

Darn Pa,you both…  i mean  Ambika has given me a tough job .

Who you both ? His father Venkat queers .

Ambika…’The Woman’ Tata choose for me  ,he grumbles and leaves home for a walk .

Appa this is not done ,Vivek maro dikro  che..aaverite  tamme haq jaanta  mane nati aavadtha (Vivek is my son I do not like govern him like this)..

Shut up Venkat ..Vaidhehi chai please Seshadri says and goes to his study  with a paining heart .

The timing of his chai and Seshadri  death seemed perfect as Vaidhehi could only see the soul going out of his body like a flame but with regret written in it .

“Dad” Venkat screams and cries on his  dead body .

Immediately he calls  his friend  Shashidhar Shah  but disappointed dawn as he gets to know that Shashidhar Shah died in a crash .

Not knowing what to do ? ,Venkat calls his son Vivek.

Vivek gradually comes to terms on hearing his grandpa and  Shashidhar Shah’s death .

After helping his father to do pitru pooja ,he just goes to Shashidhar Shah’s house to check and see  his daughter Ambika’s  hearts condition.

As he goes to their house he looks at her mother then daughter Ambika ,their faces looked to be  distorted and blank .Slowly by taking them into his arms fold he says “ I will not leave you both forever”.

Ambika starts crying at his words .

Kissing his juicy pouty lips she murmurs her ‘Thanks’ and rests her head on his shoulders .

Then taking her to his place he says “ Welcome  Mrs .Ambika Vivek !.”

Seeing him bring Ambika home his father Mr. Venkat Seshadri feels annoyed and with an in built ego he leaves his Villa forever .

Without his presence ,Vivek gets hitched Ambika and procreates three beautiful kids .

Now with his two mother ,Vivek leads a perfectly healthy life  unaware of his father’s incorrigible healthy flirtatious  affair with his twin mother’s.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat's twin affair
Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat's twin affair
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“Madhav why are  you  upsetting  my little baby Kiara” Meera queers in displeasure.


“’s due to Kara’s ill health” Madhav says and adds on I have been telling Kiara  not to keep fast as she could too fall sick.


“Good Son” Vasu exclaims and leaves for office .

While leaving Vasu asks Meera to call the Pandit for  Fridays ‘Shanti Havan Pooja’ . She nods at him and goes to the  temple by tagging along with Vasu in his car .


Kara calls Pa…..Kiara goes inside her daughter’s room and draws a power control reiki symbol so as to protect her daughter  from negative forces .


Madhav looking at her with a dangerous kind of glare and  during the day he goes to  his mom -in – law  Meera ‘s place to speak regarding this from his home office  .


Seeing his MIL practicing reiki  healing , he lays on her  lap with his eyes closed .


Madhav feels a positive vibration coming  through her heart to his body. Then slowly he asks “Ma ,did Dad support for this initiative”.


No…she sprouts up .

Vasu finishing his earlier calls comes back home with a great news “ Kara is going great”.


Madhav sheds tears of joy ,hugs them with tightly .


Arre baap re Maro jaan ,Vasu says with a wicked smile playing on his lips by making Madhav grin wickedly at him .


And when Madhav  get up leave their home Meera gives him a surprise by bringing Kara out of her room.


Kara hugs her father with a great intensity and this makes his heart melt for Kiara.

Ma..Madhav gives a surprise yelp with tears because …  he realizes without wives and daughters men of this  world  cannot /would not lead an imperfectly perfect life and winks at Vasu .

Now Vasu taking his clue takes Meera to their master suite and enjoys a pleasurable sex with her .



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Character Visualization Exercise no 67 : Vikram’s Arranged Love with Sunaina

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“Tara does not understand anything , Vikram” Sunaina says .

“Let’s talk to Meera and Vasu” Vikram comments and goes to their  Villa .

Seeing Vasu and Meera′s  love making scene while  having their  morning cuppa of tea by siting on a porch outside their Villa, Vikram  feels foolish and shallow .

Vikram finally determines to solve his problem on his own and marches back home with smile playing on his lips .

Seeing Vikram smiling at Sunaina ,Tara feels jealous and marches towards Vikram and asks questions  him “ Is your love  only this much for me that you completely forgot about me as Sunaina  enters   your life  in just 2 days ?..

No…she has already entered my life  Vikram corrects Tara  , getting up from the nearest sofa  he calls ‘Sunaina’s’ name out aloud .

Sunaina coming out  of the kitchen feels drugged as Vikram ‘s body touches her body …and  kisses her lips on like   it is some kind  of nectar .

Sunaina lips and body respond in same vigor , slowly their passion goes off limit  . When every clothing is off  their body , they feel satisfied as their warm bodies give them  a grand sexually release .

Vikram whispers  something incoherent into Sunaina ears that makes her  blush a lot .

They see Tara sitting in tension ,Vikram kissing Sunaina the hallow of breasts turns his head halfway  and says “ Tara you may leave the thought of marrying me the great corporate lawyer Vikram Krishnan   and you know why ?”

Tara Sundaram  wishes  to give him back ,but her intellect calms her nervous down by saying “ Vikram is correct even though his mother′s choice is best but his father′s choice SUNAINA  is much more worthier than his mother′s choice i.e. her   ”.

As Tara leaves  his flat  she finds a gift with her name  written in capital letters  ,  opening the gift wrapper she sees two bangles  with a letter .Opening the letters  she reads a statement “ Accepting  one′s flaws is  an important  asset   for being in a healthy relationship with the  person   who completes you ” ~VK .

And she does …

With this…Vikram makes   love with his lovely wife  Sunaina  by making  her pregnant with his child  .

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Character Visualization Exercise no 67 : Vikram's Arranged Love with Sunaina
Character Visualization Exercise no 67 : Vikram's Arranged Love with Sunaina



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Reiki Healing and Pleasing House Environment

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Photo Source :

Last year  I was initiated into this world of energy called ‘REIKI’  by my parents as my health and marriage has been   and still be their biggest concern .

To be honest I  am late morning waker , I  usually get up 8 am  but this thing  called ‘Reiki’ changed my life …Initially I  felt that I  am leading an aimless life and whenever I  returned from workplace , the colors of house though vibrant made me feel dull  then one day in our ‘ Ladies Only ’ a whatsapp group a person named by Mrs . Lakshmi V posted a message  that one highly qualified ‘REIKI MASTER ’ was going to come at her place around 6 pm .

Alas my fate gave me dokha ! …during that time I was down with menstrual cycle  and cramps which I normally  get during that period .So I  am requested  my mother to go there , she did go  to their place and  later on in the night she gave me a great news  that Mr. Sanjeev Balan a reiki practitioner will be  coming  to heal for 21 days .

The healing  pace started but I  was not getting any realize from my bodily tension that would make me feel  happy and light .Finally when  ‘REIKI MASTER ’ came to my place to heal me , he requested me to accept his  Reiki initiation .

The moment when I accepted his Reiki initiation , my life changed for good .

Even though the outside  situation in my life  are not good for progress .This  Reiki Meditation has given me the wings to see everything positive , of course initially I  felt like “Aur ek item include ho gaya hai , meri zingadi  yeh ek jaang ka meidhan ”as I was force to wake up around 5 am and do some REIKI MEDITATION before I  left for office .


Now I some what feel at peace ,as my chakras have  started getting  the much required activated now the  environment inside my house looks positive, promising and pollution  free .

This is because of 4 reasons.

  • My house is located just opposite to a  beautiful garden where I get positive vibration from trees, children playing and  evening walkers (mostly 60 plus).
  • The vedic  chants of several Brahmin    gentle  man  who come regularly   to our place for Vedas class .
  • The uproar laughter of my Mom on my silly anecdotes  .
  • The celebration and holistic approach off my family makes the house environment pleasing and walls happy .

As we all say “ Walls have ears !”.

Most of the people think ‘isko kya hai, iske pass sabb kuch hai ’,yes I  have everything   I say with a smile because even though I  have not got the perfect body  ,but a set imperfectly perfect spiritually soaked  parents  who give  me restless  wisdom on how to live life despite having not so suitable external  circumstances .

Thanks  to the vibrant colors of  the walls of my house and  parents   for giving a population free environment and lifestyle .

Without their push I would not have been as healthy as I am today .

And Asian paints coming up with the product like ROYAL ATMOS  it will give us much more desired effect along with holistic approach if we use the product .

So to live a peaceful ,happy ,laughing and uncluttered life please try to do some  holistic meditation .


To know  more about Reiki please  check this link


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Vasu’s dil ka Raj

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“Vasu… are an idiot who just does  not think before reacting” Meera says teasingly.

“Yea and just because of this our relationship has very well flourished in much grander way that has made us grandparents now ” Vasu kissing Meera forehead says with a lot of joy bursting out from his heart in form of small rose bubbles .


“That’s true but….I marvel at your guts that despite  you being threatened of disownment by your father  ,Vasu   despite these happenings you  accepted me” Meera says with tears misting her eyes .

Eagerly Vasu removes his shirt and leans forward to drink her tears .

Meera happily surrenders to him .

Vasu  nuzzling her nape says “You are biggest gift to us especially me because our Kiara brought ‘Raj’ our sacrificial son back to  us”

“Yes” I love you for accepting that phase with peace and happiness ,she says with  a wink.


Ma….Raj miffed voice comes out of his room causing an echo effect in their ears .

Meera blushes as he enters her being, you are too smooth today she says and rips apart his pants and VIP underwear now by taking his shaft into her sex spot, Meera trust herself harder into his manhood. Meera he whispers very hoarsely and taking her face in his palms he kisses her lips passionately she also responds  in same  vigor .

Feeling a warm on her shoulder Meera turns her head with a shy grin.


Raj grins at them ,by hugging them he queers “Aren’t you guys preparing yourselves for a grand seduction party”.


Sonny idiot…you are sly one , are you not the one who  has already invited Tejas ,Kiara and Mr and Mrs .Pradhan , Gupta ,Iyer and Singhania for the grand seduction party?. Vasu comments by kissing Raj ‘s forehead.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 66 : Ms Samyukta Narayankar and Vijay Singam’s love

PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest
PHOTO SOURCE : Pinterest

It’s just a matter of outlook Krish ,Sid says feeling defeated as his heart and head are thrown apart by playing the role of Sir Mountbatten to keep  his mother  temperament correct but his head and heart hurt him a lot because he  indirectly hurts his best friend Subhodh’s  ego  and so he calls his girl friend Lavanya ~ the writer of the play called “Sir Mountbatten ki pyass”.

On accepting the call and  on hearing Krish’s far away cry Lavanya understands his situation and says “From the next episode ..the channel wants Subhodh to play the funny Sir Mountbatten’s character.”

On hearing this Krish leaves a deep sigh  and air kisses her through his speaker phone and cuts the call .

But before he shares this news with his best friend Subodh tries fighting with media rumours that he~ Mr.Subodh Desai the son of advocate Jagdish Desai has snatched Krish’s role in order to known as ‘Sir Mountbatten’

Subodh too feels defeated and settles in London by starting his own family.

Krish too feels left out and  defeated .

He soon   leaves  for London with his long standing  girlfriend Lavanya and starts a family of his own .

This leaves his mother the socialite Ms Samyukta Narayankar in hot tomato soup as her  son did what his father  i.e. (Ex- husband Mr.Vijay Singam  did)

Because 30 year ago ,Vijay ..had left the play “Pyaar  ki Pariksha” in order bring a smile on his sister’s face which she did not approve off .

Samyukta Narayankar tries reaching his son but in no avail as Krish  blocks her number with the help of his hi tech intelligent son Aditya  and father Mr. Vijay Singam.

Two years later with constant  persuasion from his father Mr. Vijay Singam Krish visits his mother Ms.Samyukta Narayankar ,seeing her son in front of her house Samyukta hugs him.

Looking at Krish she mentally wishes for  her intolerable  Mr.Vijay Singam to come down to meet her  .

“Selfish I am?” she mutters to herself and gives way for Krish to enter

Suddenly she feels  Krish ‘s pat on her shoulder ,turning her half heads to check what he wants …..,Ms.Samyukta Narayankar sees her intolerable husband Mr.Vijay Singam waiting for a rebound.

Ms Samyukta Narayankar happiness knew no boundaries ..she tries waking herself up to this unexpected surprise .

Vijay Singam kisses her lips lightly ,cuddling her up passionately He asks “Will you marry once again”. “ As living without your disapproving looks and behaviour causes my heart to lose it’s shine” he says softly

Ms Samyukta Narayankar bile turns bitter and says “Yes” and cries into his chest by babbling her sorry’s .

Caressing her hair Vijay Singam kisses her cheeks with reverence.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 66 : Ms Samyukta Narayankar and Vijay Singam's love
<div align="center"><a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Character Visualization Exercise no 66 : Ms Samyukta Narayankar and Vijay Singam's love">Character Visualization Exercise no 66 : Ms Samyukta Narayankar and Vijay Singam's love
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Meera Vasu’s support


Hmm.. ShSh…yaar !Vasu flinging off  the invitation letter to the ground  exclaims .

Meera lifting the invitation letter  reads with tears  misting   her eyes “To Vasu and Mrs.Shirley Vasu Sharma…this is to invite you both for upcoming award function called “SPAS 2017”  in Dubai  which is organized by Dr.Prof Suchak and Rotary Club of  MKS, Mumbai in order to felicitate people of Malad and Kandivli who have  taken up initiative of revamping the adapt center for the  people  who are slightly affected by cerebral palsy .

The guest of honor are Dr. Raj and Dr.Sid i.e. our friends .The award function is slated on 20th  November  please  do block  you dates and see to that ‘Meera’ does not  tag along with you both as she is not worthy off our friendship .”

Feeling helpless she goes to her study  room  and locks herself up by reading books the entire day.

Weeks and Month pass by in limbo without Meera  chatting with him .

20th November  arrives Meera wakes up only  to see Vasu sleeping next to her ,Meera slowly kissing his lips hugs Vasu from behind ,Seeing this Vasu smiles at himself  in contentment as if his mission of pleasing Meera has been  accomplished  effortlessly .

Suddenly his whatsapp started pinging  with  annoying messages  Vasu deletes all messages ,but only wishes a “ Thank you ” that sends shudders through  their friend′s body and soul especially Shirley′s friends.

This message he learns after Meera′s automated silence for weeks which  caused his  heart to yearn more  from Meera  .



With Lots of Love,

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