Meera Weds Vasu Part 19


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So….how do you  feel to have short wavy hair  now .I  am feeling quiet relieved , as in “Because of my thin hair , I  had lost all the confidence that I  had  but now….I  am happy  now  for taking such a huge step and cutting off my unwanted hair ”Meera said smiling happily at the hair stylist while paying his fees .

Vasu who is busy working on his laptop leaves a low whistle. Lifting  his head  he lazily trails his fingers on the table  as Meera approaches his table to show her new style .He simply  pulls her onto  his lap  and caresses her hair ,this makes her feel dazed with desire . But then ….suddenly when she hears  the foot steps of his daughter ‘Little Baby Deena ’ they break apart .Hello Aunty Ma , how do you do today ?she queered .

‘Fine Beta ’ she says while taking out a piece of cloth to do embroidery work on it . Aunty Ma, did you go for hair cut  today .

Yes sweetie , how does it look ? Meera asked her by kneeling down to Little Baby Deena’s level….

‘Cool ….and soft’ Little Baby  Deena  said by babbling to get the words correct .But then suddenly Meera felts Vasu’s soft and juicy lips on her head from behind and it felt so right then .This makes her smile and she without turning her head she kisses his daughter Little Baby Deena‘s forehead as a mark of ‘Thanking him’ for the kind caresses .

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Love is symbol of happiness

‘Love is symbol of happiness ‘Shirley read.The line in the poster must be written by typical ‘Romeo’type guy  who is in love with his Ms XYZ  she thinks warily and goes to the  nearby bus stop  .Seeing the college sports hero standing there ,  her heart beats louder than usual .Her hands brushes off his shoulders and then their story begins.Slowly and Steadily their love starts rotting like the rotten potatoes and then they split away .

Five years later ,Niharika holds a letter penned to him by Shirley .She suddenly asks him ‘Why you did not inform me about Shirley and your relationship before ’.He gives a  long and painful look .Sweetheart Niha this things I  do not wish to tell you during your Pregnancy  state .

‘Chill yaar ’he says while wearing his uniform .Captain Saheb  aap bahut khoob zacch rahe ho….Niharika said.

‘Hai na’ He questioned . She nodded in YES, then get ready to fly with me  Mrs.Captain  Niha   . Love is symbol of happiness  , he says and picks her up in his arms .‘‘Haan haan Love is symbol of happiness  for this sports hero  as he can twist the cheerleaders and other girls under his magical spell called CHARMS ”.Niharika said with  little ting of Satire in her statement .

Hearing this statement the Captain /sports hero came with smart retort  by saying “Niharika nayi tales are notorious to note”.

To this Niharika frowns for bit  but smiles as  “Sunrise  of hope began to rise up in  their lives ”.By tearing Shirley and his memories the captain said ‘Niha..for me Shirley never  meant anything she never liked any of the mushy stuff which to some extent I liked and so …our relationship ended with a bitter taste in bile and today I wish let go my past by burning these memories ’

Will you now allow me to do so?  he asked her .

‘Niharika  nodded her head and hugged him with great reverence  ’

As see could read ‘Love is symbol of happiness ’ that emitted through his eyes .

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Vasu Pailful of love

Stunned is Vasu who does not know what his heart wants .He feels ridiculous about it and walks off to the  living room  where Mira is seated by His receptionist Suva.Suddenly his eyes falls on Suva’s changing facial expression when he walks towards Mira.Mira who is engrossed reading #daddy-journals.Hears the Tik -Tok Tik -Tok sound that comes from  his shoe heels.

Mira looks up by taking her  eyes off  from the interesting article which is well written by a daddy .”May I help you Ms Mira  with something “Vasu  intently asks her .”Yes  but I want to have a word with you in private” Mira spontaneously replied.Look whatever you want  to talk can be spoken here  Suva irritably  responded .  Hmm… I agree with Suva Vasu softly said .Mira stammered for words …at the very moment the door bell rang and Suva is forced to open the door .Mira quickly pulled Vasu and marched towards his cabin .On reaching his cabin  Mira extends her hand and extracts a letter to him written by Suva’s mother .Vasu takes the letter from her and reads it .

Suva’s mother writes  “Dear son,

I have not seen my daughter so bubbly and chirpy  since a  very long  time .I  know that Mira and you are in love with each other .I am forced to break her heart  just for sake of my daughter ‘s happiness  . So Please accept my sorry and do take a proper decision———- from not so strong mother ” 

Reading this letter Vasu cries aloud by throwing his arms around Mira’s shoulder like a small child .But Mira stands like a pillar and keeps on  caressing his hair  .Later on ….Vasu calms down as Suva enters his cabin .A stunned Mira tries to calm Suva of her  misinterpretation and misconceptions filled in her mind about her relationship with Vasu.Finally after calming her down Mira pats Suva’s cheeks and walks out his cabin and navigating via the living room she reaches the main door .After opening the door she waits for a while ..Seeing the framed photo of his grand parents  Mira leaves a deep sigh of unhappiness that  she cannot padre into  this house  like before whenever she wanted or wished as his parents never liked her as she did not have a  class  taste and walks off from there and Vasu’s life   which he sees from his bedroom.

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Feeling totally churned up  he goes to Mira residence and pours his pailful of love on her ..By making her stunned  in disbelief as Mira has always sacrificed  the good things that  comes in her away and due to which she has stopped expecting some  dreamy  things to happen in her life  …

Looking at smiling Vasu , Mira asks “Dear what will happen to Suva’s life  and heart ?”
Vasu mockingly  looks at her and says “Nothing” and adds ‘I can’t stay married to a person for whom  my heart  does not   feel anything more than friendship ‘.

Anyways Suva is just a 18 year old kids who has a crush so just leave it….saying so he swipes her feet off the floor and enters Mira’s king size bed room and makes love to her  while her mother handles Suva’s case with great zest..

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Meera Weds Vasu part 9


Good Afternoon Krishna!

Oh Lord of Lords Today being of  your birthday I wish to take your interview .Who am I ? ha ha I am Meera ‘s Vasu  you must be knowing me dude

Vasu : Lets start with your interview  now  .

Krishna :(Laughing)  Wait let me  get  dressed up first as I  have got lots of  dresses wear which are  weaved by so many Radha’s .

Vasu : (exasperatedly says ) Yeah Yeah I will  wait.

Krishna :(Smiling at him ) Chalo lets start with the interview .

Vasu: (Adjusting his spectacles )Why you  are not coming down for Meera’s  sake as you know she loves you a lot ?.

Krishna :(Laughing ) Vasu…. because I have sent you for her.You are my replica.

Vasu : (Stunned ) Feeling  totally churned up  he says it cannot be possible.

Krishna : (Smiling at him with concern) Vasu it is just that you are not willing to open up.

Vasu  : (Smirking his nose) I  do not like her that much .

Krishna: (Looking at him intently) So you are saying that you don not like her at all  he asks him raising an eye brow  ?.

Vasu : (Irritated) Haan Baba

Krishna:  (Mischievously smiles ) So you want die soon.

Vasu : (Super Irritated) Shouts Haan Haan

Krishna :(Despondently says ) Tathaastu

 Vasu :Wonders  why ? .As he sees Meera entering the temple with a plate full of savories and pooja items.

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Meera Meets Vasu in Vrindavan Gardens Society in Malad West

Good Evening Meera auntie! Saanvi says . ‘Hey she is not auntie call her Meera Di’ Shanky said frowning at  her. Meera smiled at them ‘It is not a  problem dearies ‘ . ‘Hey baccha log  when you all are going to start with decoration for janamashtami’ Meera   queered with a wink.

“Auntie…..I mean Meera Di your boss Vasu and the member of our society  Vrindavan Gardens have stolen my  idea and theme of this year’s Janamaashtami celebrations  and we have no funds left to recreate a  entirely new theme and idea for this year ‘s Janmaashatami celebrations ” Saanvi said having a sad face .

Oh I see …..Meera says in matter -of-fact -tone and tilting Saanvi ‘s sadden face up she  says ‘We can recreate an entire new theme and idea with whatever we have  so do not worry dear  ‘ .Here is list of things to be brought for decorating ‘dahi handi’.  Chalo chalo now  let’s  get back  to work   saying so she leaves  for work.

Ten minutes later she reaches her office in Malad  West via her scooter juggling the traffic .Once she reaches the office she finds all the cubical empty.But her boss Vasudeva cabin’s  glittered through light  coming from the sun rays   .She searched for  her boss everywhere but she could not find him any where around his cabin or his office  .Meera felt dejected and went back to her cubical.By the time she leaves the office  Meera hears his voice.Her boss Vasudeva is busy singing

 Fizool hai..
Fizool hai..

Fizool hai, tere bin mile jo mujhko zindagi
Mujhe faasle naa dena tu kabhi
Tere ishq ka hi ab to bas nighaahon pe
Chadha rahe nasha raat bhar

Main bhi sarfira
(Ho jaaun tere liye)
Tu bhi sarfiri
(Ho jaaye mere liye)
Main bhi sarphira
(Ho jaun tere liye)
Tu bhi sarphiri… [x2]

Hearing his voice Meera looks up from her cubical .Her boss Vasudeva is busy instructing people to decorate his cabin with Lord Krishna’s  and Dahi handi ‘s  cut outs   which are lying on her table .
Feeling dis gusted with him .She marches towards his cabin and pushes the table very hard in such a way that it hurts him .
Ouch!  Vasu exclaims .
Sorry sir but ..seeing  my colleagues in this  office doing something else my mind got disturbed and .. and so you gave a  push to this table like this Vasu says with his gritted teeth .Meera  ….people like you  do not deserved this kind of environment they deserve an  isolated environment. Haan haan and you deserve an environment where people tell lies just for the sake of telling and stealing someone ‘s  else ideas .
Look nobody ..has stolen any idea Vasu said without meeting her eyes .‘Then why are n’t making an eye contact with me Vasu ’ Meera questioned him .
Leaving a huge sigh Meera  says “ This idea and theme has come out of Saanvi’s brain at least you or your  staff should have asked for her permission before using her concepts  that girl is quiet upset now ”.
During Festive occasions like this do not make others unhappy at the cost of their own happiness .Saying this Meera leaves his cabin and picking her hand bag she goes out for some shopping sphere as her office is located near to  the market yard. Vasu is stunned by her words and forces Meera  to meet him in their  society Vrindavan Garden which is two lanes away from  his office to chat regrading recreation of an entirely new theme and idea for this year’s Janamashtami celebration  .
Happy Janamashtami to you all in advance !
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Introducing Vasu

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Vasu is an suspended navy officer .His love of  Life Vrushali who was carry his baby died in air crash .Vasu is damaged hero who finds solace in his  morning coffee  and having cold sex with his neighbour a single  working mom Shruti   .He is been suspended only because he broke the rules of the force only because he wanted save Vrushali and his child.Guilt knotted Vasu by  making  him wary of  the society’s  twitter birds (love birds ) who love to talk about their love life .


Suddenly when he sees Meera holding   and playing with the child in the park  of his society   .His mouth feels bitter and with  his irritated eyes  he marches towards the  park and shakes her up .Dragging her and her child out of the society  he feels good and at the same time drenched …As he still has soft corner for a mother and child.

Looking at her with his bottle up anger for Meera  “Do not come to this park  ever ” Vasu says looking at her with his pink eyes blazing with fire”.Scared Meera and her child leave the place for ever. Vasu’s  friend Rishi who happens to be her EX- husband’s friends too feels bad for her and  stares at the open sky blankly as  sun plays hide and seek with  the clouds. Vasu who looks up  sees his friend Rishi  standing in the balcony of his beautiful well kept house  .On calling him   various names Rishi  does not  responds to Vasu shouting. Rishi simply goes inside  to the living room from the balcony .

‘Sir courierwala has come’ The watchman says as his eyes goes around here and there and gets stuck on the balcony of Rishi ‘s flat which is on the 1st floor.

‘Accha I see ‘he says and signs the slip and sends the courierwala off  within secs. Curiousness and   inquisitiveness  dawn on Vasu .

With  trembling hands he opens the letter ….which Rishi snatches it away from him as he was coming down in search of his  courier .

Rishi Da… what wrong with you  ? Vasu Questions silently.

Without uttering any word he leaves Rishi Da . This makes  Vasu  more inquisitive to know about the contents of the letter. Today the pink eyes have decided to find out truth behind letter in Sherlock home style. 

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Kaira.! Kaira! Tap Tap….Shekar banged his plate in delight as he could  smell the taste of the puris which are being fried by his dear wife for him .Though Kaira knew about her hubby ‘s health  condition .She just serves him the best oil free puris with lots of love .

Shekar looking at her says “Dear Thank you for the wonderful  puris that you have fried for me “.I am lucky to have you in my life  . Kaira with a great audacity simply says “Just because I have fired the puris for you today do not expect me to be that lenient  towards your current health reports “.Hearing these lines from her he leaves the dinning room in annoyance  and sleeps in his study leaving Kaira…hungry for his teasing and argumentative attitude   towards life  which she had not heard since ages .

From this above story I learnt two things

  • Whenever somebody has food do not talk about his /her health condition as he/she might be completely stressed out  in this regard .
  • Healthy Debate is better than Unhealthy talks. 

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Meera Weds Vasu Part 5

What happen dear Vasu! kyun itna pyaar naochavaar kar raha hai ?Meera enquires as he hugs from behind. Hmm today being ‘Guru Poornima day ‘we have just got an invite from our college for the annual ‘Alumni Meet ‘.Seeing this invitation I  am reminded about our college days and our love at first sight  story.

‘Accha I see …… show me the college invitation card ‘Meera requests him to pass the invitation card. Vasu gives her the invitation card with a sly grin by showing his 32 teeth .Vasu being dark complex had great and charming features which would make anyone fall for him .She too grin back at him .Looking at Vasu Meera asked in desperate tone “When are we going to get engaged to get into long lasting bond called marriage and later  to   have small small babies with you hmm”.

Err…Meera Vasu stammered  to say. Meera you have developed the sixth sense by now understood Vasu’s body and mind  language .She started packing her suitcase and left his residence without informing his father .Vasu…….Where is Meera going ?Mr. Sharma enquired .

“Unmm don’t know  Pa but one thing I have come to know is that my dear Meera wants to  marry  me which is impossible in this birth ” Vasu said laughing at his father and winking at  Anjali his beautiful wife who was pregnant with his child.

Meera.. who had reached the villa which is booked for her.On reaching the villa she cry s a lot feel like wrecked and tears up every memory of their togetherness .That day she got up and vowed not to  allow her emotions to over rule her .So she decides to change her identity and looks

Today she is Isha the great Indian Supermodel who owns a huge production with regret of not having understood Vasu…. completely .Three years later she sees  a flash news on NS news channel  “3 people died in crash near the trench of bay of Bengal” .

Reading such a bad  news she immediately  switches off the T.V. and goes to have a good night sleep to experience sweet dreams.

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Meera Weds Vasu Part 4

What happened Meeru ! Vasu questioned cuddling her .You know your favourite scientist and ex president of India is no more .Hmm I know Meeru  Vasu said painfully as he got out of the bed. Meera too got out of the bed and  then she straight away headed  towards the study where  his father Mr.Sharma is watching the news channels that showed his body taken away from Delhi to his home town  Rameswaram.

Err….Sharma uncle do you want tea? Meera quires . Uncle….Uncle she called out but there was no response from his side. Vasu who suddenly cropped up there from nowhere pulls the remote control from his hand and says “You are not going to see this kind of stuff any more and cry for the fate of the country called ‘India’.

Oh what did you say child ? Mr Sharma questions him with a thundering voice .Whatever you have heard is right father …..Accha then lets go back to the which gave you the power and values to speak like this. 

Stop it Guys and dude what’s this haan ?Meera enquires pointing out to the paper lying on the table .

Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Before she could say anything regarding the mess Vasu turned towards her and said “Meeru dear why don’t you write a poem on APJ Abdul Kalam’s inspiration speech” .

A soul that took birth on the Indian soil ,

Only to inspire us  to accept  failures with great ease,

His talks steers up each and every sleeping emotions in our hearts,

To Transform and Ignite Indian minds,

And to bring peace which is the greatest strength of all.

This is what Meera wrote about him and it became a huge hit in Vasu’s office and Mr Sharma’s friend circle .

 This poem brings a smile on her face as she receives a bouquet of pink roses (her favourite)from Raj who was her co-passenger in her last flight from Delhi to London.Reading this message Vasu hugs her tightly as she had made sense to his life.

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